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Frequently Asked Questions in Visa interviews to study in Italy

Italy is a culturally rich country with plenty of places to roam around and explore.  There are various international students who prefer to study in Italy as it has various top-notch universities. Also, the universities in Italy, provide you with a quality education with low tuition fees and a very low cost of living. 

The students who wish to pursue their higher education in Italy, will have to apply for a visa. In order to get the visa, firstly you have to appear for the visa interview at the consulate. Delhi consulate and Kolkata consulate ask the students to appear for visa interviews. While, the Mumbai consulate have not asked the students to appear for the visa interview till last year, but this year they might ask students to appear for the visa interview. 

Here are a few questions that are generally asked in the interviews:

Question: Why did you choose this University and How did you find it?

In this question, you will have to justify why did you choose that particular University and tell about your research journey. Also, try to compare 2 to 3 universities and mention the positive points of the university you have selected.

Question: Why you choose Italy for your higher studies?

The first thing that comes in the mind of the students while answering this question is free education, but the students should avoid giving this reason. Rather, you have to mention the other plus points like you can mention that Italy is very diversifying country, there you will get an opportunity through which you can learn an additional language. Moreover, you can also mention that the infrastructure of the Italian universities is historic, and well established which was built about 700 to 800 years ago. And many other points you can mention, except the scholarship programs. As mentioning of the scholarship programs might decrease the chance of your visa rejection.

Question: Why you choose this course?

In this question, you have to answer about the course’s relevance with your previous studies. Sometimes, the students opt for a different course compared to their previous course. In this case, you need not to panic and you will answer the reason which motivated you to opt for the course you’re about to pursue rather than the previous course. You can mention the reasons for motivation like if you have done any job or internship in that field, or the family motivation, etc. For example, you were previously pursuing the computer science course, but now you have opted for the business course due to family motivation thinking that after the business courses you’ll be able to develop an understanding of the business and will be able to run/ grow the family business after the studies, then you can mention this reason. And if you’re pursuing the course relevant to your previous course, then also you will have to present the reason accordingly which motivated you to choose the same course.

Question: What about the future scope of this course?

In this type of question, you will have to mention about further future plans after completing the course and how the course will help you in your future plans. 

Question: What are your future plans?

In this, you’ll have to answer what career you will choose after the completion of this course. The common mistake the students make while giving an answer to this question is that they mention the job opportunities they wish to pursue in Italy. The students should avoid giving answers which will indicate that they’re planning to settle down in Italy. Rather, you should clearly mention that after the completion of the course you will return to your home country and will grab or search for further opportunities in your home country. Because no country will like that the students come to their country for studies and then settle down there only.

Question: where you will be staying in Italy?

The students who are wishing to go to Italy for their education should book for accommodation before filling out the visa and mention the address for the same while giving the answer to this question.

While looking for accommodation, you should try to book accommodation which is near to the university within a radius of 6-kilo meters. 

Question: Who is your sponsor and how much funds they will be providing for your funds?

Here you will have to mention the details of your sponsor. In Italy, mainly they consider that your parents can be your sponsor. In worst-case scenario, if the parents can not sponsor for being any reason, then you will have to give proof that why you are introducing that sponsor and justify the reason for the same. Also, you will have to mention the reason why your parents are not able to sponsor your education and submit proof of that with your visa application. 

About the funds asked in this question is the overall funds you need. If particularly, the tuition fee is asked then you will have to mention about the tuition fee only. Also, before moving to Italy your sponsor will transfer the amount of living expenses (which is 6000 euros) and any other expense to your account. So, while giving an answer to this question you will also mention about all these details. 

Question: What is the course commencement date?

For this question, you will have to remember the date of course commencement and will have to mention the date for the same while giving an answer. Most of the courses in the universities will start between the last week of September or the first week of October.

 While the pre-enrolment in the university, you will get a welcome mail from the site of the university, over there your course commencement date will be mentioned. And if it is not mentioned over there, you should mail the university and ask for the course commencement date before your visa filling. 

Question: What will be the total cost of your studies?

In this question, you will have to tell about the tuition fees, which might vary from 300 euros to 6000 euros, depending upon you course and university. In this you will have to mention the actual fees and not the fees that you have to deposit after the scholarship. 

While giving the interview ensure that you should not mention about the scholarships. In fact, if the visa interviewer is himself asking for it, then also you should Denny that you are applying for the scholarship and mention that you are not applying for any sort of scholarship as your sponsor is capable enough to bear the expenses. 


These are the few basic questions you need to prepare before going for the visa interview to study in Italy. If any other questions will be asked apart from these questions, then also you will be able to answer those questions relevant to these questions. 

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