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Tips to be successful international students

There are many students all around the world who wish to Study in UK, as the UK universities are known for their high-quality education. Going away from your own country and studying abroad is definitely not an easy task. Many students fear going to UK, they get worried whether they will be able to cope up with that new education system, whether they will be able to find part-time jobs in UK, and many other problems. Here are a few tips for the students who are planning to go to UK for their higher studies for the September intake.


UK is a cosmopolitan country, where a large number of students go for their higher studies. For a while, it gets difficult for the students to talk and get adjust with other people from different nationalities. But, almost all the universities in UK keep freshers’ week every year for the freshers, in which the freshers get an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Also, they are being introduced to the university campus and system. All the international students must reach to their college before freshers week so that they can attend that. One must try to talk to people so that they can get comfortable with them and try to make them friends. Once you become friends with others, your English improves because people around you always talk to you in English. You can study with them, share or borrow a textbook with them, or go out on weekends! So break out of your shell and talk to people! They might be the saviors for your life in the U.S.


Try to know about the universities curriculum and education system so that you do not face the problem throughout your college life. Attend the library orientation program or the kick start program, in which the universities make you understand the education system they run in university. Try to do group studies, so that you can develop a global perspective related to your field and create your own network. Also, try to explain complex subjects to each other and just support each other in learning. Plus, study groups can be fun. Connect with faculty and even people outside the university, for more learning. Moreover, you can also take participation in various events at the university. 


Try to opt for part-time jobs so that you can bear your day-to-day expenses and get an outside exposure. You can reach out to the career guidance cell, which is available in the universities themselves, and ask for their support to provide you with part-time jobs. Talk to them comfortably and give all your details so that they can find a perfect part-time job for you. You can also find part-time jobs through agencies in UK. 

For further guidance and support regarding admissions in UK universities, you can contact to our counselors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultant (MOEC). As we provide the best consultancy and support. For further details and queries you mail at application02@meridean.org or you can call at toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011

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