Study Abroad in Italy 2022: Free Education, 100% Scholarship, No IELTS

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Today, we will be talking about European education. This session will be particularly helpful for those, who can’t afford a hefty education fee of 10-15 lakhs INR. As a result, Europe is an ideal place for those students where they can fulfill their dream of completing their education overseas.

Free education in Europe is not a myth-it’s a reality:

Yes, indeed. The Italian Government, for instance, has opened up new avenues for the students who are financially not that strong to get an admission in a premier university abroad. There are many students, hence, who despite lack of financial strength have completed their courses in Europe and are also employed there, which is great news indeed!

Admission in a university in Italy:

The admission process is pretty simple in Italy. As soon as you complete your application process and pay your admission charges in full, you will get your offer letter within two weeks of submission. This means your admission is guaranteed within two weeks of your successful application process.

Earlier, especially during 2016, 17, and 18, 19 this wasn’t the same situation. People had to wait for 3 months to get their offer letter. However, things have become a lot easier now. Maximum, a student needs to wait about 15-20 days for their admission offer letter.

So, for students, who are aspiring to study abroad, and also want an university where the rates are pretty affordable, and also where knowing and speaking English isn’t mandatory, Italy is the go-to option for them.

Italian Universities are established ones:

These universities aren’t small or recently established either. The establishment of some of the Italian Universities dates back to the 12th and 13th century, so you can see what legacy they carry.

Moreover, these universities have some of the massive campuses and there are almost 1, 00,000 students that every university has.  Each university has almost 5-7 libraries.

Overall, they are right up there as far as the best universities in the world are concerned regarding high-quality education.

 As far as QS ranking is concerned, almost all Italian universities are within the top 500-ranked universities worldwide.

Manage your expenses:

After you've found the perfect matches and the right universities to study at, you can look at each university's list of requirements and make sure you meet them one by one. When you meet all of the requirements, apply for the scholarships so that you can get a free education in Italy as a student from outside the country.

Having good background results and a good application will help you stand out from a lot of other applicants and get the scholarship you want. This makes it easy for you to study in Italy for free, cut down on costs, and even make a lot of money while you're there.

In Italy, there are a lot of public universities and some private colleges that offer great value for money because their tuition fees are much lower than what most people pay for their studies. Make a list of the cheap universities that might be good for your field of study, and then choose the one that is both cheap and good. With a good scholarship in Italy, you can easily cut down on how much you pay for studies.

Hope this information has been useful. Thank you!

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