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Fraud on immigration documents for studies in UK  

According a recent news published by the Times of India, the UK VISAs and immigration department is continually checking to see if the student VISAs they have already got, the applications submitted to them, and the ones who will be travelling here for studies, etc., are fraudulent ones or not. As per some of the latest data published, it has been found that about 57 of such different agencies which assist the students to apply for studies in UK and travel there have been preparing fraud documents for students and then they send them abroad.

Checking process for UK immigration is strict:

One such student from Bangalore has been arrested recently during the checking process for UK immigration. The student was charged for presenting false documents for immigration and hence, along with him, the agency through which he applied for immigration, and those who made such documents for him have been all taken into the custody and cases have filed severe charges of false representation of documents.

Always ensure you carry valid documents/certificates:

As a result, it is highly recommended that all those students who are planning to travel to UK for studies must never ever take any unfair means such as this to travel to UK with fraudulent documentation; otherwise it would cost them their career.

Remember that, even if a student, somehow, reaches UK on the basis of such documents, they won’t succeed there. The reason being, if a student goes there on education VISA, they’ll have to complete their degree to get a PSW.

If you try to go with some fraudulent documents/fake certificates, for instance, degrees without any registration numbers assigned from any university/board, etc., do not choose any such countries like UK where you don’t qualify or be eligible under their student VISA eligibility criteria. As discussed already, they have a serious verification process, and hence you might land in serious travel for adopting such illegal means.

There are reputed universities in Asia:

Even if you can’t get a chance to study abroad, there are enough opportunities to study in several countries, such as in Asia. There are several notable universities all over Asia, such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, etc., where you can apply and get an opportunity to study. What one do is first get into these countries, prepare with some 1-year foundation courses, and then can plan to apply in the universities abroad.

Keep in mind that, by adopting any unfair means to get admission abroad, a student is not only putting himself or herself in trouble but is also making it difficult for other students who have all the legal documents and are eligible for admission in abroad universities. Cases such as these will mean that now more restrictions will be imposed on the candidates looking to come in UK under education and hence they’ll have to suffer consequences for no fault on their part. Not only that, it also spoils the image of the country from the students are coming from.

Students from Hyderabad and Punjab Boards:

For instance, students who come from the universities of Hyderabad and Punjab, their documents are thoroughly checked because it’s assumed that students coming from those universities will have fake certificates. This is because an image of these universities have already been created that they produce fraud documents- such as false IELTS certificates, etc.

Final thoughts:

Take proper counseling:

Thus, it’s always better that you always choose the right ways to build your career.  Take proper counseling when necessary, build your communication skills. There are several universities available within Asia whose first language is English and where there courses are pretty affordable. You can choose them as a good career option.

The student from Bangalore who was arrested, was fined Rs. 15, 00,000/- and also was a handed a jail term of 3 years, with, of course, the cost of his career. As a result, never do something that will make you pay heavily later on.

Always remember, there is no shortcut in life!

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