India Cancels International Flights: Omicron Travel Updates 2024

Hello friends,

We are back with a travel update. Here we will talk about flight suspension emails/updates that students have been getting regularly.

Students are very curious to know whether or not they can travel in flights till January 31st. The reason being an announcement has been made by DGC that all flights will remain suspended till 31st January.

The air bubble:

During the pandemic situation, all countries stopped their flight services for an extended time and all flight travels were completely banned. Till date, there are still a few countries where flight services have not been resumed yet. India though, had a plan to resume their air travel services from December 15th, (both traveling to India and traveling to any other country from India). In this duration, there was a process initiated after March 2020 for air travel which was known as ‘air bubble’.     

According to the ‘air bubble’ concept, there used to agreement signed between countries where people from one country can travel to another and vice versa (in countries between whom the agreement were signed).  So, the whole flight arrangements were structured within this ‘air bubble’ step.

As of now, all the travel process through flights is a part of the ‘air bubble’. The countries which haven’t yet entered into an agreement with any other country under this ‘air bubble’ system, direct flights to those countries won’t be available as of now.

What’s the situation with India?

India has an agreement with about 32 countries and hence one can travel anywhere from India during this ‘air bubble’.  However, the regular flight services which was supposed to be resumed from 15th December has been postponed till 31st January. This means that the regular flights which was scheduled to travel initially will continue their services, however, the additional flights which was scheduled for traveling without restrictions have been postponed for the time being due to the new COVID variant, omicron.

Students! Don’t be worried:

Students though, whose tickets have already been confirmed for traveling outside India, should not be bothered. They can avail their flights; they can contact their flight booking agency and check the status of their scheduled flights. Remember that all the scheduled flights now will be a part of ‘are bubble.’ As a result, those who have a confirmed flight booked, won’t have any issues whatsoever in taking their flights.


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We hope that the travel restrictions will be lifted slowly and gradually from all countries which will ensure the traveling issues are resolved very soon and students can travel to their preferred location for their future studies.  

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