Securing a UK Teaching Work Permit: Student Visa Options

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Today we will talk about what are the qualities you need to look into before choosing the right overseas education consultant.

Knowledge and Experience:


The first and the foremost thing you need to look into whether the education consultant has the requisite knowledge and experience in the education field. Herein, by experience we mean whether or not they had the first-hand education experience themselves.

Now remember, to check the knowledge of the counselor, you’d need to do some research yourself. Suppose, you want to inquire for admission in certain university, then check the entry requirements yourself first and then match the same with information you get from the counselor. If he/she gets everything right as per the details you have, then you can say they have the knowledge.

A counselor must have knowledge about things like IELTS scores, whether they can be waived for a student, what percentage of score a student needs to have for an IELTS waiver, etc. There is no point going to a counselor who doesn’t have information about this and makes you shell out a lot of money on IELTS tests in cases where it’s not even needed!    


It is of paramount importance that the counselors you talk to have the necessary experience about overseas education. Herein, the first-hand experience is really handy, where the counselor has been involved in the process of overseas education. This will help them to know about the challenges an applicant can face while obtaining an education VISA for studying abroad.

It’s not necessary though that a counselor or any ember from the counseling team must have the ‘first-hand’ experience mandatorily. However, they should have the knowledge to tackle difficult situations for the students.

Now remember that when a counselor guides you that education overseas in countries like UK is very simple and shows you a rosy picture of it. However, the actual situation is completely opposite. Education in UK is totally research-oriented and you have to devote yourself in studies completely at least in the first 3 to 4 years of your education. Initially things might be difficult, but you will have to adjust accordingly.

Data shows that 70% of Indian students fail in the 1st or 2nd Semester in overseas education. So, you’d need to be careful.

A genuine and knowledgeable counselor must share such information with applicants so that a student has a clear picture about studying overseas, especially in countries like UK.

The right way to apply:

A counselor should also guide a student which university is suitable for them in terms of mars a student has obtained. There is no point for a student to waste their funds applying in universities where they aren’t eligible based on their scores in 10th or 12th.   

Get accurate information:

Always remember that, you’d need to know about the darker side of overseas education or else you might face serious issues. For instance, you might have home-sickness, or it might happen that you have come here in UK from India for education through loan, and your funds are finished and you come back to India without any degree, so your loan is wasted and you’ll have to repay it without getting any benefit from it. Situations such as these result in loss for both time and money.

So, you need to be aware about it and a reputed counselor must be able to guide you through such situations in advance.

Thank you!

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