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List of Best PR Courses in Australia: Which are the Top Courses in Australia for PR?

Many international students apply for higher education in a foreign country with the hope of obtaining permanent residency. International students who achieve permanent residence (PR) status after studying abroad are granted the right to live abroad. There are certain PR courses in Australia; however, not all courses will result in this outcome. In Australia, obtaining PR is not very difficult, provided you pursue the right education. The Australian government has recently announced that it will increase its annual intake of permanent immigrants by 35,000 to 195,000.


After the US and the UK, Australia is currently the third most popular country for overseas students in the English-speaking world. The diverse culture, amiable locals, and excellent education make it a popular destination for international students.


Due to the remarkable international reputation of the Australian educational system, graduates from Australian universities are in high demand. In order to uphold the nation's reputation for high-quality education, the government closely regulates this system.


Australia has one of the best living standards in the world. Australia's living and educational expenditures are significantly lower. International students can work part-time while studying. This will help them to bear their living expenses. Additionally, scholarships may be available, which help international students afford their education.


Most overseas students intend to remain in Australia permanently after receiving their degrees because they find it to be a secure, friendly, and encouraging environment to live and study.


You must first apply for an Australian Student Visa if you are an overseas student who plans to live, study, and work in Australia.

The following requirements must be met by international students who intend to stay in Australia after completing their higher education:

  • After finishing any course of study among the PR courses listed in Australia, you can apply for the Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 485).

  • In Australia, a PR course's minimum length cannot be less than two years, and it must be registered with CRICOS.

  • Australian PR requires a minimum IELTS score of 8.0.

  • The ANZSCO job list must include the professions that the applicant intends to pursue after graduating.

  • The IELTS overall band score of 8.0 is crucial so that Australian officials can determine whether the applicants have a strong command of the language and will not encounter any language-related problems while living there.


5 Best Courses in Australia for PR

Most students interested in studying abroad choose programmes that will prepare them for jobs and permanent residency in their host countries. 

Engineering Expected Annual Salary: 66,000 AUD (35,01,032.04 INR)

Accounting Expected Annual Salary: 75,000 AUD (39,78,445.50 INR)

Computer and Information Technology Expected Annual Salary: 89,994 AUD (47,73,816.32 INR)

Nursing and Midwifery Expected Annual Salary: 61,971 AUD (32,87,309.95 INR)

Education and Teaching Expected Annual Salary: 80,264 AUD (42,57,679.33 INR)


  • Benefits of PR Courses in Australia
    You are allowed to enter and exit Australia at any time while holding a permanent resident visa. But keep in mind that your initial PR visa is only good for five years. You can, however, apply to extend this visa before it expires. You must get a five-year Resident Return Visa (RRV) if you leave the country and then return to Australia after your permanent residency has expired. Here are other potential benefits:

  • Once you have PR status, you can choose any job you are interested in and work without any limitations. However, there are some exceptions for occupations like those in the government or the military. Only Australian citizens may submit applications for these two positions.

  • As an Australian Permanent Resident, your credit score will quickly grow, making it simpler for you to get approved for credit cards, personal loans, car loans, and other types of loans.

  • According to the Higher Education Support Act of 2003, Australian nationals and people with permanent residence are eligible for the Higher Education Loans Program, which provides financial aid for students (HELP). If you ever experience a financial emergency while you are a student, this will be useful to you.

  • The Australian Social Security Department, commonly referred to as Centrelink, will offer you social welfare support related to student, illness, and unemployment after two years of settling down in Australia as a permanent resident. These aids can be extended to your family as well.


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