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Today we will talk about May Intake 2022 and  the most affordable universities in the UK where you can consider getting an admission as it will not only offer you quality education but will also suit your budget. Besides, their admission criteria are not difficult either.

Admissions in these universities are currently open, so let’s get to know more about them.

Northumbria University:

In this University, you’ll get the option of about 8 courses to choose from for the May Intake 2022. Northumbria University has admissions opened for both April and May intake 2022. The course fees for admission here is approximately 13000 pounds. Besides, you’ll get scholarships from 1500 to 2000 pounds.  This university is located in New Castle in Scotland (North).

Ulster University:

 Ulster University will be the university we’ll be talking about. Getting admission in this university has its benefits because it has campuses in both Ulster and London. It costs roughly 13,000 pounds a year to attend this university (admission fees), and the scholarships that are offered range from about 2,000 to 3,000 pounds.

What are the admissions criteria for this school? To be considered for admission to either of these schools, you must have obtained at least a 70% on your final high school exam (12th). If this is the case, you will receive an IELTS exemption. The IELTS waiver, on the other hand, is not available to students from the Punjab or Haryana boards.  In that case, the IELTS test is mandatory for those applicants.

The University of East London:

Finally, the University of East London is the most reasonably priced option. The main campus of this university is in London, but it also has three other campuses spread across the city in different locations.  The tuition fee for this University is 15000 pounds. Besides, if your 12th grade score is at least 55% (and above), you are eligible for a 3500-pound scholarship at this university.

In addition, if you have completed your 12th from the M.P., Rajasthan, or Maharashtra board and scored 60% in English in your 12th, you are eligible for an IELTS waiver. However, this doesn’t apply to the Punjab and Haryana boards where IELTS is necessary. You don't need to take the IELTS if you've studied in any other board and scored at least 70% in your 12th English (except for the boards of Punjab and Haryana).

For the May 2022 intake the University of East London is accepting applications and it’s offering 50 courses to their students. Since there are so many different courses to choose from, this university gives you the option of picking one that interests you most.

So, these are the three most affordable universities in the UK that you can choose for May Intake 2022.   


If you are interested in admission in any of these universities, visit their website and go through their admission guidelines thoroughly to know everything in detail.  

Besides, if you need assistance with preparing your documents and any other admission-related guidance, you can always consult any online education counselor to ensure your admission process is smooth.

That’s all for today, until next time, bye.

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