Italy Scholarship Application | Scholarships, Documents & Process | Study in Italy 2022


Italy is a historically rich country that draws the attention of people towards it and is rich in architecture, music, and art which excites people, especially the youth, and encourages them to pursue their higher degrees in Italy and get to know more about the culture of Italy.  Democratic republic politics of Italy helps to maintain the trust of students for pursuing their education in Italy.


  1. Free/ low tuition fees

Italy is among one of the most affordable or low fees hubs for education which encourages people who cannot afford the high amount of fees.

  1. Top class universities

Italy has some top universities which provide high-class education to students like

University of bologna,Sapienza university of rome, university of padua, university of milan, etc.

  1. Low bank statements required

There are very less documents required for the admission in Italy which makes the process of admission in Italy band reduces the stress for students to arrange for the documents

  1. 8th largest economy iun the world

Italy is the 8th blargest economy in the world which provides the enormous opportunities for job and scope for personal growth.

  1. 7th industrialised country

Italy has 7th largest industrialisation which improves the infrastructure and transportation thus makes it easier to reach Italy for students.

  1. Apply without IELTS

Students can take admission in universities without giving IELTS which makes it easier for students to apply for universities.

  1. Scholarships in Italy

Italy provides scholarships up to 100% which makes the education almost free


Italian corporation ministry of external Affairs and international corporation launched a scholarship STUDY IN ITALY which provides scholarships for up to 900 euros per month

There are certain categories to apply for the application and offer letter

  • MSc. Master course mainly for the technical students
  • If applied for the arts, music, and dance stream
  • As Ph.D. students
  • Other research-oriented programs
  • Italian language-related learning programs


  • Transcript of bachelor’s
  • Certificate of the degree of bachelor’s
  • Passport
  • Updated C.V
  • Proof of English proficiency (at least B2 level)
  • Mention the motive that how scholarship is helpful in further studies

The deadline for study in Italy scholarship is 9 June 2022

Other regional scholarship calls

  • Scuolar normale superire  for phd program
  •  Bocconi  Merit International Awards for batchlors and masters degree
  • The University of Cattolica International Scholarships for all degree program
  • Politecnico International Scholarships for masters of science program

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