Secure UK Jobs After 12th Biology for Int'l Students 2022

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Today, we will talk about nursing. There are several students who have passed their 12th recently, and now are looking for options; especially we will talk about those who are looking for career options after completing their courses in biology.  

So, for students who have completed their 12th in biology and are planning for admission in the universities in UK, they can pick a few courses that offer them 100% job security. This means that once they complete their graduation in biology, they will get a job straightaway and they won’t have any issues with PR.


In reference to the above-mentioned course, we will be talking about nursing. The nursing course is very popular worldwide, and especially, there have been a major shortage of nurses in the hospitals in UK post pandemic. So, you can understand that why in UK, there is a major demand for this course.

A nursing degree in the United Kingdom will immerse you in all aspects of nursing theory and practice, including the real-world issues you'll face after graduation.

Real-life experience:

When you study nursing in the United Kingdom, you don't have to wait until you graduate to find out what it's like to care for people. Because there are so many good partnerships between universities and hospitals all throughout the UK, you'll be able to put theory into practice almost immediately in a clinical setting - giving you confidence in your professional role from day one.

You must know though that applying for nursing course is pretty easy, however, getting an admission is not. There are two major reasons behind it:

Interview Preparation:

The interview for admission in a nursing course is pretty tough one. You need to know the subtleties of nursing and pretty much everything about it to clear your interview.  As a result, having a thorough knowledge in this field in the key here.

The interview for nursing course is not similar to a general admission interview for any other courses. You have to undergo a selection process conducted by a medical team and clear it there.

Statement of Purpose:

Your statement of purpose must be pretty strong too. You should know about the 7 C’s in nursing such as, Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment, and Consistency.  This needs to be your foundation for the SOP or Statement of Purpose.    

Moreover, there are a few universities in UK, which allows for direct admission without a selection interview. So, students can apply there as well if they want to. Even if you get an admission in a nursing course in UK without interview and complete a 3-year degree from any university in UK, you’ll become a certified nurse.


The starting salary, a candidate will be entitled, in such case will be 32000 pounds. There will a 2-year PSW and you will be directly eligible to apply for a work permit in UK.    

Also, there are a few other courses besides nursing for which admissions are available in the universities in UK. So, you can check them out too.

We hope this information has been helpful for you. Thank you!

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