Q&A with School of Psychology at Academic Corner 2024

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This is about a session from the experts from the school of Psychology experts from the School of Psychology where they have shared their thoughts. These people have been highly regarded in their field of study and hence they have gain popularity amongst many people.

Desires have wings:

One expert shared that their entire family is either a scientist or a physician. As a result, her desire to do something more relational was viewed as both bizarre and not at all strange, so she first pursued a degree in education before receiving a scholarship to study psychology in the United Kingdom, where she focused on developmental psychology during my undergraduate studies.

When she worked with youngsters, she had a lot of fun. As a result, after completing my master's degree in the United Kingdom, she pursued a PhD in counseling and psychology, and I soon realized how much I enjoyed the clinical psychology of working as a therapist or counselor. However, it took many years before she was qualified to practice clinical counseling and psychotherapy again, and during that time, she was often felt de-motivated and worried about failing.

Work in the field of research and education:

Another expert shares his story that the friends she was comparing herself to who were taking a more direct route said the same thing, but they were heading straight ahead, whereas she was meandering all over the place. In the United Kingdom and Italy, she came out on top. At times, she felt like she would never make it to her goals because they were so far away. While working as a researcher in education or developmental psychology, she was eventually able to earn certification as a psychotherapist. The clinical and research didn't really match, so I couldn't really do much. Ten years ago, she was fortunate enough to begin teaching counseling therapy at a university for the first time, and she would have been doing so ever since.

In addition, she had always wanted to work in the humanitarian field. This was before I even considered becoming a psychologist. At school, she used to call this "Houstonia," which is a play on words she made up when she was a kid. When she was an adult, she planned to travel to low-income nations and work there, but it seems like a long time away.

Success achieved:

That training in Psychology of Emergency that she attended at a conference convinced her that this is what she wanted to do. As a result, she completed a certificate in Psychology of Emergencies and began working with the Red Cross on a part-time basis. As a result, one step after another, she was able to begin working in war-torn nations like Afghanistan. Her clinical side has finally been integrated into my work. That's why I'm interested in pedagogy and counseling, and it's why she went to Ul, where they had an MSC in humanitarian intervention, and I was able to get into that as well.

Another expert shared his story of working on a construction site alongside hundreds of other people requires a high degree of agility, especially as an architect. Also, many of them went to night school during the week and on weekends to get their educations.


This conversation signifies the passion of each of them top get to their desired goals and working tirelessly to get to their targets in life. We hope you have found this conversation useful.


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