List of Courses at Falmouth University, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Textile Design BA(Hons)
Television BA(Hons)
Technical Theatre Arts BA(Hons)
Sustainable Tourism Management BA(Hons)
Sustainable Product Design BA(Hons)
Sustainable Festival Management BA(Hons)
Sportswear Design BA(Hons)
Sports Journalism BA(Hons)
Sound Design BA(Hons)
Robotics BSc(Hons)
Press & Editorial Photography BA(Hons)
Post Production & Visual Effects BA(Hons)
Popular Music BA(Hons)
Photography BA(Hons)
Photography BA(Hons) (Top Up) (online)
Musical Theatre BA(Hons)
Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management BA(Hons)
Music BA(Hons)
Music Business BA(Hons)
Media Production BA(Hons)
Marketing Communications BA(Hons)
Marketing & Communications BA(Hons)
Marine & Natural History Photography BA(Hons)
Journalism BA(Hons)
Journalism and Creative Writing BA(Hons)
Interior Design BA(Hons) (Online)
Interior Design BA(Hons) (Online)
Interior Design BA(Hons)
Interior Architecture BA(Hons)
Integrated Foundation Year BA/BSc(Hons)
Immersive Computing BSc(Hons)
Illustration BA(Hons) (Online)
Graphic Design BA(Hons)
Illustration BA(Hons)
Game Development BA(Hons)
Game Art BA(Hons)
Game Animation BA(Hons)
Fine Art BA(Hons)
Film BA(Hons)
Fashion Styling & Art Direction BA(Hons)
Fashion Styling & Art Direction BA(Hons)
Fashion Photography BA(Hons)
Fashion Marketing BA(Hons)
Esports BA(Hons)
Fashion Design BA(Hons)
English & Creative Writing BA(Hons)
Drawing BA(Hons)
Data Science BSc(Hons)
Dance & Choreography BA(Hons)
Creative Writing BA(Hons) (Online)
Creative Writing BA(Hons)
Creative Virtual Reality BA(Hons)
Creative Music Technology BA(Hons)
Creative Events Management BA(Hons)
Creative Advertising BA(Hons)
Costume Design for Film & Television BA(Hons)
Computing for Games BSc(Hons)
Computer Science BSc(Hons)
Commercial Photography BA(Hons)
CertHE Music Courses
Business Management BSc(Hons)
Business & Marketing BSc(Hons) (Online)
Business & Entrepreneurship BSc(Hons)
Business & Digital Marketing BSc(Hons)
Architecture BA(Hons)
Architectural Design & Technology BSc(Hons)
Animation BA(Hons)
Acting BA(Hons)
Fashion Courses
Art & Design Courses
Business, Marketing & Events Courses
Performance, Theatre & Music Courses
Animation, Film & Television Courses
Games & Computing Courses
English, Journalism & Writing Courses
Photography Courses
Theatre & Performance BA(Hons)
Visual Communication BA(Hons) (Online)
Web Development BSc(Hons)
Professional Writing MA
Prosthetic Effects MA
Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) (online)
Photography MA/PGDip (online)
Music Business MA
Launchpad (with MSc Entrepreneurship)
Marketing and Digital Communications MA (online)
Journalism MA (Online)
Indie Game Development MA (Online)
Illustration: Authorial Practice MA
Illustration MA/PGDip (online)
Graphic Design MA/PGDip (online)
Game Design MA
Game Art MA
Fine Art MA (Online)
Film & Television MA (Online)
Entrepreneurship MSc
Film & Television MA
Creative Events Management MA/PGDip (online)
Communication Design MA
Creative Advertising MA
Comedy Writing MA (Online)
User Experience Design MA (online)
Business Finance Innovation MA
Artificial Intelligence for Games MSc
Architecture MArch
Writing for Script & Screen MA/PGDip (online)
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