List of Courses at Durham University, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Philosophy and Theology
Philosophy with Foundation
Philosophy and Psychology
Philosophy and Politics
Natural Sciences
Music with Foundation
Music and Philosophy
Modern European Languages and History with Year Abroad
Modern Languages and Cultures with Year Abroad
Mathematics and Statistics
Marketing and Management with Study Abroad
Marketing and Management with Placement Year
Liberal Arts with Foundation
Marketing and Management with Foundation
Marketing and Management
Law with Foundation
Liberal Arts
History Japanese Studies (with Year Abroad) with Foundation
Health and Human Sciences with Foundation
History with Foundation International Relations
History with Foundation Japanese Studies with Year Abroad
Health and Human Sciences
Geophysics with Geology
Geology with Foundation
Geography with Foundation
English with Foundation
Environmental Geoscience
English Literature and Philosophy
General Engineering
General Engineering with Foundation
Finance with Study Abroad
English Literature and History
English Literature
Engineering (Renewable Energy)
Engineering (Electrical)
Engineering (Civil)
Engineering (Mechanical)
Engineering (Civil)
Engineering (Aeronautical)
Education Studies with Foundation
Education Studies - Psychology
Education Studies - Sociology
Education Studies - Geography
Economics with Study Abroad
Education Studies
Economics with Placement Year
Economics with Management with Placement Year
Economics with Management with Study Abroad
Economics with Foundation
Economics with Management
Economics and Politics
Economics with French
Computer Science
Computer Science with Foundation
Climate Science
Classics with Foundation
Combined Honours in Social Sciences with Foundation
Combined Honours in Social Sciences
Criminology with Foundation
Classical Civilisation
Chinese Studies with Year Abroad
Chinese Studies (with Year Abroad) with Foundation
Chemistry (Industrial Route)
Chemistry (International Route)
Business and Management with Study Abroad
Business and Management with Placement Year
Business and Management with Foundation
Business and Management
Anthropology with Foundation (BA)
Biological Sciences with Foundation
Anthropology and Sociology
Anthropology with Foundation
Anthropology and Archaeology
Anthropology (BSc)
Ancient, Medieval and Modern History
Ancient History and Archaeology
Ancient History
Accounting and Finance with Study Abroad
Accounting and Management with Placement Year
Accounting and Management
Accounting and Management with Foundation
Accounting and Finance with Placement Year
Accounting and Finance with Foundation
Accounting and Finance
Plant Biotechnology and Enterprise
Politics and International Relations (Political Theory)
PGCE Secondary - Physical Education
PGCE Secondary - MFL
PGCE Secondary - Physics
PGCE Secondary - History
PGCE Secondary - Mathematics
Defence, Development and Diplomacy
PGCE Secondary - Chemistry
PGCE Secondary - Geography
PGCE Secondary - English
PGCE Secondary - Biology
PGCE Primary (International)
PGCE Secondary (International)
Particles, Strings and Cosmology
Museum and Artefact Studies
Medical Humanities (Online)
Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Medical Humanities
Mathematical Sciences
Master of Data Science (Health)
Master of Laws
Medical Anthropology
Master of Data Science (Social Analytics)
Master of Data Science (Earth and Environment)
Master of Data Science (Bioinformatics and Biological Modelling)
Master of Data Science (Digital Humanities)
Master of Data Science
Master of Business Administration
Management (Finance)
Management (Supply Chain Logistics)
Management (International Business)
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Management (Entrepreneurship)
International Trade and Commercial Law
International Relations (European)
International Relations (Middle East)
International Relations (East Asia)
International Relations
Intercultural Communication and Education
Intellectual Property Law
International Cultural Heritage Management
Human Resource Management
Global and Planetary Health
Greece, Rome and the Near East
Global Politics
Human Bioarchaeology and Palaeopathology
Geography (Research Methods)
Finance (Finance and Investment)
Finance (Economics and Finance)
Finance (Corporate and International Finance)
Finance (Financial Technology and Banking)
Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology
Finance (Accounting and Finance)
Experimental Economics
European Trade and Commercial Law
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Environmental Hazards and Risk
English Literary Studies
Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Educational Leadership and Change
Education - Secondary (School Direct Route)
Education (Primary)
Education - Primary (School Direct Route)
Developmental Psychopathology
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Creative Writing
Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects (PP)
Corporate Law
Conservation of Archaeological & Museum Objects (Diss)
Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
Cognitive Neuroscience
Climate, Risk and Society
Civil Engineering
Christian Theology (Catholic Studies)
Christian Theology
Christian Theology (Anglican Studies)
Catholic Theology (Distance Learning)
Business Administration (Online)
Business Analytics
Biblical Studies
Behavioural Science
Arab World Studies
Ancient Philosophy
Arab World Studies
Advanced Mechanical Engineering
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