Why Study in Malta?

Welcome to Malta, a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of Italy. The country is home to ancient old stone architecture, numerous cultural festivals and offers plenty of adventurous activities.

International students find this place to be the most wonderful destination. Studying in the Maltese education system offers a plethora of opportunities to enhance your skill set, global job prospects, and personal development.

Are you ready to discover why studying in Malta is the ultimate academic adventure? Let's find out!

Want to Study in Malta?

Stellar Reasons for Studying in Malta


Malta has many prestigious institutions, one of the most renowned being the University of Malta whose legacy dates back 400 years. . The education framework in Malta is based on hands-on practical learning with industrial exposure, sought after by every scholar. Universities in Malta promote cross-cultural exchanges by organising conferences led by pioneering leaders, thereby integrating students in the global education scenario. The country is also upgrading old universities by converting them to new modern campuses.

Job Opportunities

Working while studying is a basic necessity for students these days. Thankfully in Malta, students get access to ample work opportunities. Also, budding young entrepreneurs who have completed their higher studies get the privilege of starting their own businesses on the island. On top of that, students also get financial backing from the government. Various jobs are available especially in the tech industry. Scholars looking to build their careers hugely benefit from pursuing higher education in this fast-growing country.

Financial Perks

Malta is highly economical, and the low cost of living fascinates most international students. From food to housing, everything is reasonably affordable and expenses are easily manageable. Public transport is also accessible in all areas. Besides the low cost of living, students gain access to cheap travel to explore nearby European countries.

Extraordinary Culture

People over in Malta are inclusive, warm and hospitable towards outsiders, something every international dreams of. Several local festivals like Santa Marija, Mnarja, Earth Garden Festival, The Strawberry Festival, Carnival, Village Festas, etc., take place throughout the year and allow internationals a window into the country’s cultural fabric. Also, remember to relish local delicacies like Maltese vintages, Aljotta (Fish soup), pastizzi and much more.

To sum up, studying in Malta gives scholars a unique chance to discover a land that remains largely untouched. The country’s top-notch education quality, combined with its regal heritage, provides students with unrivalled possibilities during their overseas education. A welcoming culture and inclusive society foster diversity and personal growth, making the experience unforgettable. Studying in Malta is an excellent choice to achieve academic excellence while experiencing uncharted territory.


Non-EU students can only work whilst studying in Malta after 90 days. This is only possible after two steps: 1. Extending the study visa beyond 90 days 2. Obtaining an employment licence.

The cost of education depends highly on the type of university or institution. Public ones have slightly lower fee structures than private ones. Along with that, international students also incur living expenses such as accommodation, food, insurance, and transportation.

Malta is home to beautiful scenery and affordable universities, offering high-quality education. Along with internationally recognised qualifications, studying in Malta also exposes you to a diverse and multicultural environment. That allows you to expand your horizons and develop a global perspective.

Malta's visa success rate ranges from 90% to 95%. In other words, only around 5-10 people out of 100 face rejection and 90-95 people get their visas successfully.

There are numerous job prospects for students in Malta after graduation. Also, the universities over there prepare the candidates to work internationally.

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