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A set of globally perceived English language capabilities planned to the CEFR, evaluating Listening, Reading, and Writing abilities. These tests are planned for non-local English speakers around the world, who need to give proof of their English language level for general, academic, or business-related purposes. Ideal for those hoping to propel their vocation possibilities, measure their advancement, and to meet the entry and graduation prerequisites.

LanguageCert is an Awarding Organization committed to language abilities evaluation and affirmation. It is an individual from PeopleCert, a worldwide innovator in the affirmation industry that conveys a large number of tests in 200 nations.


LanguageCert is recognized in more than 200 countries where major of them being United Kingdom (UK), Italy, New Zealand (NZ), Australia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, United States of America (USA), Singapore, France, China, Switzerland, Vietnam, Sweden, Denmark and many other countries.

LanguageCert offers high-stakes tests that are authoritatively perceived by an always developing number of Higher Education Institutions, associations and government bodies in the UK and globally.

LanguageCert is managed by Ofqual and Qualification Wales and is a Home Office endorsed supplier of SELT tests for UK Visas and Immigration.

Exam types

1. Test Centre Exams

LanguageCert offers tests through a variety of conveyance techniques. Paper-based and Computer based tests are conveyed through LanguageCert's worldwide organization of supported Test Centers, which is thoroughly evaluated against high security principles to guarantee the nature of their test organization measures.

2. SELT Test Centre Exams

LanguageCert SELT exams are only available at approved SELT Test Centers and are not available through LanguageCert Online exams with live remote invigilation. Candidates can register for SELT exams by contacting their local LanguageCert SELT Examinations Registration Centre or LanguageCert SELT Examinations Partner.

3. Online Exams

LanguageCert Online tests with far off, live invigilation based on grant winning innovation that is possessed and overseen start to finish by the PeopleCert Group. They give a safe and solid way for competitors, all things considered, to take high-stakes, globally perceived tests from their favored area without visiting a Test Centre.

How to book the Test?

Candidates have the option to book LanguageCert Online exams by contacting their local LanguageCert Online Examinations Registration Centre or LanguageCert Online Examinations Partner; Candidates can contact Meridean Overseas Education Consultants to book the exam. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants is licensed LanguageCert Online Examinations Registration Centre and LanguageCert Online Examinations Partner.

Contact us at: +91-141-411-3363

*LanguageCert SELT tests are just accessible at SELT Test Centers and are taken on a PC.
LanguageCert SELT tests can't be taken online with far off, live invigilation.

LanguageCert Training at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants

LanguageCert ESOL examination has 4 sections Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing in the test and Meridean Overseas Education Consultants have well experienced specialized trainers for different sections and Meridean Overseas Education Consultants provide personalized training as per the student’s requirement, a level test is taken before the training starts to understand the current level of the student and the course is designed as the results in the level test.

LanguageCert Modules and Marking Scheme

LanguageCert International ESOL (Listening, Reading, Writing) capability is generally alluded to as the 'written'. Competitors are stood up to with fascinating language errands from one's regular daily existence occasions, like composing letters to companions, sharing their considerations, listening to an intriguing story or perusing a piece of information; notwithstanding, the idea of the undertakings shifts as per the capability level.

Exam Duration: approx 2.5 hours


  • Listening: 26 Questions
  • Reading: 26 Questions
  • Writing: 2 Task

LanguageCert International ESOL (Speaking) capability is normally alluded to as the 'Spoken Exam'. In the Spoken test applicants take part in a directed discussion with a LanguageCert Interlocutor - who doesn't evaluate - on different subjects of interest, like welcoming companions to the film, discussing their leisure activities or contending for a specific angle; notwithstanding, the idea of the errands fluctuates as per level.

Exam Duration: approx 15 minutes

Structure: Individual Meeting


Section Maximum Score
Reading 50
Listening 50
Writing 50
Speaking 50

Passing Score for Reading, Writing, Listening:

High Pass 101 – 150 out of 150
Pass 75 – 100 out of 150
Fail 0 – 74 out of 150

Passing Score for Speaking:

High Pass 35 – 50 out of 50
Pass 25 - 34 out of 50
Fail 0 – 24 out of 50
*All Examiners are endorsed by LanguageCert and go through thorough and successive preparing and control, to guarantee that grades are granted rigorously as per CEFR levels and LanguageCert assessment prerequisites.


Test Reports are sent by means of email and are likewise transferred to your LanguageCert account. These are given in 3 working days for two-abilities (Speaking and Listening) tests and in 5 working days after the two parts have been finished for four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) tests.

Meridean Overseas Language coaching centre

MOEC is renowned Language Training Institutes with holding 5 branches (Agra, Pune, Hyderabad, and Lucknow) including Jaipur Head office, covering different states of India. MOEC assists apprentices to be efficient in a language (English and Italian) by covering the communicative skills of a language Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

3 Level of MOEC Learning & Assessment Method

Level 1 Level Test Level test is conducted to understand the language proficiency of the student
Level 2 Program Designing Based on the level test the trainer designs the program with different types of activities and repeated mock tests.
Level 3 Final Assessment Final full length mock test of the targeted exam is conducted by MOEC before booking the test slot

MOEC has smoothen the process of learning a language by exasperating way in the mode of level test and personalized classes by this student actually identify their language understanding, herein, our expert IELTS mentors identify the flows of a probationer, also comprehend the level of a novice with that they can edify them and assist them to acknowledge them to attain their desired score by having this way. The cynosure of the whole process is the fun activates (movies, vocublary games) which always is conducted on Friday. Further the debate session on Saturday is icing on the cake for the students for learning language or students and also to monitor the process of a student. Additionally the weekly mock test helps to understand the improvement of the students; also weekly doubt clearing sessions are arranged for the students to be confident.

Teaching Hours: 120 – 140 hours (depending on the level of the student)

Fees: 10000 + GST

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