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Undoubtedly, the UK is the best study-abroad destination, with the highest number of world-ranked universities. Every year around half a million international students choose to study in UK, and the number keeps increasing. Generally, UK universities offer three intakes for international students, i.e., January (Winter), May (Summer), and September (Fall). In recent years, the country has made a remarkable place worldwide for its academic excellence. Let's explore some advantages of choosing the UK as your study abroad destination.


High Education Standard


The UK is home to some of the top universities in the world. There are around 160 universities in UK that accepts application from international students. According to QS World Rankings, 90 UK universities are listed among the top 1,000 universities in the world. Whereas 4 universities are featured among the top 10. Some of the top UK Universities include University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University Colleges London, and University of Warwick. The quality of education that UK universities offer is highly commendable. Moreover, the skills and degrees that international students gain from UK universities are highly valued by today's job market. Since the UK is an English-speaking country, international students will also be able to have a better command over the language.


Wide Range of Course Options


No matter what career you wish to pursue, UK Universities offers a course to support your dream career. In the UK, over 135 institutions offer more than 30,000 English-taught courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the postgraduate level, universities offer a specialisation in many fields, allowing you to perform a specific career role. Moreover, international students also have a chance to choose between part-time or full-time study programmes. Some of the top courses in UK includes MBA, Law, International Business, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Law, Psychology, Computer science, Architecture, and Education.


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Part-time Work Opportunity


The UK student visa allows international students to work part-time up to 20hrs per week during regular days and 40 hrs per week during holidays. Part-time job opportunity is a great way to explore the UK culture and enjoy life outside the university campus. Moreover, it also make students independent; since they'll be able to manage their own cost of living. Also, due to English being the official language in UK, international students can easily find part-time jobs without any language barrier. Some of the part-time job options in the UK include teaching assistant, research assistant, retail worker, cashier, waiter, and babysitter.


Experience the Diverse Cultural Environment


Since the UK is a culturally rich country, you'll be exposed to multiple cultures, languages, ethics, and religions. So, while connecting to people from different walks of life, students will be able to form a global perspective. Moreover, there is plenty of places to explore in the UK. Students can easily enjoy the above-average life in the UK and have adventurous and fun activities.


Post Study Work Permit


The UK government allows international students to work for 2 years after completing their undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Whereas after completing a PhD in UK, international students are allowed for 3 years of PSW. It is an amazing opportunity for international students to secure a job in the top companies/industries of the world. Also, the students who wish to achieve PR (permanent residency) in the UK can apply for it in these two years.


Huge Career Prospectus


The UK Universities have a huge employability rate. Even some of the programmes offered in UK universities include an internship or placement year as well. Apart from this, the UK is home to some of the world's top MNCs (multinational companies). Also, there is a huge demand for skilled workers in the UK, especially after Brexit. So undoubtedly, there is a huge career prospectus for international students in the UK.


Scholarships and Bursaries


International students have a great opportunity to apply for scholarships in the UK. Both the university and the government offer scholarships in UK for international students. Scholarships like the Chevening scholarship and Commonwealth scholarship are even fully funded. While most UK universities offer various scholarships, bursaries, and fee discounts for international students. This reduces the cost of studying in UK and thus attracts many international students. 


Unique Curriculum


The UK universities have a unique curriculum to offer students a practical and research-based knowledge. Generally, the duration for postgraduate programmes in UK is of 1 year, which is shorter than in other countries. Most UK Universities have a partnership with top industries of the world. This allows them to offer an opportunity for industrial visits and internships to their students and make them industry-ready before they complete their degrees. Moreover, while studying in UK, international students will also be able to develop multiple skills and knowledge to work in today's competitive world. 


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Easy Process of Visa and Application


Compared to other countries, getting a visa in the UK is easier. If the students can prove they have enough finances and the required academic profile, they will surely get the visa. The average UK visa acceptance rate is about 98%. Moreover, it is also easy to apply to UK universities. Some UK universities even accept international students' applications without any English proficiency test scores. 



Plenty of Support for International Students


There are plenty of support services available for international students in UK, whether by the government or by the university. In the UK, international students have an excess to free medical facilities under NHS (National Health Service). Moreover, most UK Universities have a centre where they offer support to international students and assist them with all the challenges they face during their studies in the UK, including academic support, career counselling, and accommodation.



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