US Student Visa Slots Update | Embassy Interview & Study in USA 2022


 The US has the highest number of top universities in the world. It is one of the leading countries in the education sector. Many students prefer to go to the USA to pursue their higher education. The universities have a vast range of options for the courses. The US is the largest economy in the world which provides various job opportunities and a vast range of fields to work for.

 The universities take admission in two intakes first is the fall semester which is from September to December and the second one is the spring semester which is from January to May. But the fall intake is the best intake for admission as it provides vast varieties courses. The students who are ready to take admission in US universities in fall intakes (august/September), can book their slots for the visa from the 2nd or 3rd week of June. The bulk of slots are to be expected during this time, more than 1000s of slots can be booked. These slots are only for the fall intake that is from 15 July 15 august.

It is advisable for the students to Check for the slots for maximum 2 time in a day, if slots are checked multiple times then the account might get freeze and will create hurdle.

Candidates whose visa are rejected earlier and still wants to go US for education purpose for fall intake will have to wait for longer as their slots will be available after 15 august.

Major reason for visa rejection

  • Answer to the question of why this course

The students must be honest and correct while answering this question. The students must be well prepared for the question and should not copy the answers from other sources. The student must be aware of the advantage of the course in the future and how the course is helpful for him in the future.

  • Answer to the question of why this university

The students must select the university according to their specific needs. And must be clear in advance while taking admission in the university so that they can provide an honest answer to this question. The one should give a practical and justifiable answer to this question.

  • Mistake in documents while taking admission

If there is a mistake in the documents or if documents are incomplete or fake then the consul digs into the process and checks whether the university is aware of this mistake in documents and might reject the visa.

  • Problem while giving interview

The students are given only 2-3 minutes for the interview and they have to present their best to the interviewer. If the interviewee sounds suspicious and is not able to speak properly the consul may doubt their reason for coming to US and can reject the visa.

  • Insufficient funds

If the students are not available with the sufficient funds required for the education or if the students are bringing funds from some suspicious sources then the consul may doubt the student and reject their visa.

  • Inappropriate behavior of the candidate

If the candidate is found doing inappropriate behavior or is not justifiable for the intention to get the US visa then the visa can be rejected.

In Majority of universities the applications are open for the students who are whishing to take admission in spring intakes and even in some universities it is about to close.

For further information you can email application02@meridian.org or call at toll-free no. 1800 1230 00011

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