UK PSW 2022 Updates: Big News for International Students

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If you are studying in the UK and are looking for a PSW or a Post Study Work Permit, then you need to keep a few things in mind. Because if you don’t, you might not be granted a PSW. Today, we will talk about them.

Students who have finished an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom from July 1, 2021, will be able to apply for a Graduate visa. After graduating, students will be able to work or look for work in the UK for a further two years on this visa. There will be a three-year residency option for doctoral candidates.

If a student has a job lined up, they don't need to meet minimum salary criteria to apply for the visa. For two years, students are permitted to work on their talents and find a job whenever they want.

Since the epidemic, the government has extended the time period during which students must be physically present in the United Kingdom to be eligible for the Graduate Visa. Those who began their studies in the fall of 2020 or the spring of 2021 must be in the UK by September 27, 2021, to be considered. Students who plan to begin their studies in the fall of 2021 or early in 2022 must arrive in the United Kingdom no later than April 6, 2022.

Eligibility for PSW:

Any student who has been enrolled for at least a 1-year course or more in the UK is eligible for a PSW and can apply for it.  


To apply for PSW, you’d need the reference number of your CAS letter. Moreover, you’d need to submit a copy of your BRP to the embassy. These are the mandatory documents, however, if you have any additional documents like course completion certificate, etc, you can also submit that.


The fees of PSW are 1250 pounds.

Also remember that to apply for PSW, you don’t have to enroll yourself in a degree course only. Even if you have been enrolled in a Diploma course, or PGCA, you can still apply for a PSW.    

Q. To be eligible, do I need to be enrolled in a certain course?

For undergraduates and above (Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students) who have successfully finished their degree, they are entitled to apply.

Q. Do I need to leave the UK to apply?

Not at all. You must have a valid or Student visa (or Tier 4) to apply.

Q. How many times am I allowed to apply for the Graduate route?

When the Graduate route visa time expires, students must either change their immigration category to the Skilled Work route or depart the United Kingdom altogether.

Q. Does the Doctorate Extension Scheme apply to PHD students who were previously awarded the extension?

No. If an applicant was previously given authorization under the Doctoral Extension Scheme, they are ineligible for the Graduate visa.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful for students who want a guide on the PSW.

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