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The New International Education Strategy (IES) 2022 by the UK Government –Study In UK
The International Education Strategy (IES) is an initiative of the UK government to enhance the level of international higher education (HE). It was first started in the year 2019, when the UK government put forward its two important ambitions. The title for 2019 was IES: Global Potential, Global Growth, and for the year 2021 it was IES: Supporting recovery, driving growth. It is led by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for International Trade (DIT). The two goals are

  • To increase international student exports to £35 billion per year.
  • To increase the number of students for international higher education to 600,000 per year.

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The target of 600,000 international students per year has been achieved by the UK and will continue to get this number of students every year till 2030. In the year 2021, the UK will have 605,000 international students for higher studies. The £35 billion international export has been achieved to some extent by this time, and the UK government is trying to achieve the said number as soon as possible. There were 15 actions that were added in 2019, which have been closed and a new 14 actions have been added this year.

The UK government has listed five countries as a priority, and they are India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Nigeria. The recent free trade agreement (FTA) between Indian and UK government turned to be a great news for the Indian students who want to fulfill their dreams of pursuing an international higher education and working abroad. The chances for Indian students have been increased and are going to increase in the coming future as the UK government may raise its maximum student limit of 600,000 students to the minimum by the end of 2030.

The UK higher education sector will enhance the experience of international students from college or university learning to employment, which will give students a better chance to study in the UK and apply the learning and gain new skills by working there.

International students can now become teachers in the UK as the Department for Education has introduced a new teaching qualification called International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS), where you can study for one year to become a teacher and then apply for teaching jobs in the UK.

Some of the actions taken and achieved by the UK government in 2021–2022 are

  • establishing partnerships with other countries like India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc. regarding higher education in the UK.
  • A new graduate route was also launched where the students getting the 2 year UK PSW can increase it to 3 years if they have completed a Ph.D. degree in the UK.
  • The education export increment and maintaining the data for it.
  • The new teaching profile called International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS) has been made with a yearlong pilot.
  • Free trade agreements have been made with various countries.
  • The concept of sustainable education has been introduced.
  • A Turing Scheme has been designed to benefit the international Students in UK.

India has also been included in the Youth Mobility Scheme of the UK government, where Indian residents can live and work for 2 years if they are between the age groups of 18 and 31. If the student turns 31 after the VISA has been issued to him, then he can live and work there till the time his VISA is valid. Also, the Youth Mobility Scheme provides the benefit of entering and leaving the UK as many times as you wish till the time your VISA is valid.

As India is the largest democracy and has come closer to the UK by maintaining a free trade agreement, it will definitely be a successful effort to support the International Education Strategy of the UK government.

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