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Update for Italy visa

Many international students prefer to go to Italy for their higher education. It has some top-class universities providing quality education to the students. It is one of the most affordable and low tuition fee destinations for students and provides opportunities for scholarships up to 100% which makes the study almost free of cost.  Also, it is a culturally rich country with a very pleasant environment that attracts the students to pursue their education in Italy.

To go to Italy the students require to submit some documents to VFS along with a visa application for Italy. Recently, the VFS has given an updated new checklist regarding the study visa. According to this new update, only parents (mother and father) can be considered as the sponsor of the studies, and no other family member is allowed to sponsor the education of the children.

Although, if any of your parents are not able to sponsor. Then, in this case, the sponsor could be your brother/ sister or immediate blood relative (only the paternal side is allowed, no maternal side relative is allowed) could sponsor. But in this case, the students are required to submit the proper documentation with solid justification showing the reason why the parents are not able to sponsor the studies of the child. Prefer to mention the proper reason, so that the chances of visa approval can increase, and if you fail to mention the proper reason then the chances of visa cancellation increase.

For further information related to studies and admission in Italian universities or for the visa process, you can take help from expert consultants at  any branch of Meridean Overseas or you can take online counselling through our website. For further queries you can email at application02@meridean.org or can call at toll-free no. 1800 1230 00011

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