Italy Study Visa Update 2022 | Latest DoV Filing

Italy Student Visa-related update

While preparing for the visa documents, the students are facing a problem, since some of the recently passed out students have only been given the provisional certificate of a degree from the university. Whereas if we talk about the CIMEA and DOV guideline, the provisional certificate of degree is not accepted and only the certificate of final degree is accepted.

If we apply for the CIMEA (which is the substitute of DOV), only with the provisional certificate and not with the final degree certificate, then it provides the three options to verify the degree of the student:

OPTION 1: Ask the university you attended to send your document directly to the CIMEA authority in Italy through courier. Documents issued by affiliated colleges are NOT acceptable.

OPTION 2: If the education institution has a secure system for issuing electronic transcripts or a secure online verification system, then this can replace the transcripts sent directly to CIMEA by post. There are certain requirements for electronic transcripts, and CIMEA reserves the right to assess whether it is sufficient.

 OPTION 3: Ask the university you attended to send an official confirmation of your bachelor's degree to CIMEA through the mail. 

But in the 3rd option, the students face challenges, as when they ask the university to mail the document to CIMEA, the university says that when CIMEA authority will mail them, then they will verify the degree in the reply of the mail. But the CIMEA do not mail the university firstly from their side regarding the documents for verification of your degree.

Here is the solution for the students if they are stuck in the process, all the universities which initially provide you with the provisional documents and will take a certain time to give you the final degree. Over there you can submit the proof that states that the final degree is mandatory for the process and a provisional degree will not work at all to the university with the application. And then, the university will provide you with the original degree certificate within 15 to 25 days. Moreover, as proof of this, you can submit the checklist of DOV or CIMEA where it is mentioned that the provisional certificate is not accepted and only the original certificate is accepted with the application.

If you apply for the CIMEA with the final degree certificate, then you get the comparability statement very easily. Whereas if you apply with the provisional documents then there is the chance of getting stuck in the process.

 Mainly the Students apply for the CIMEA when they are unable to fulfil the requirements of DOV like if the original degree and the true copy of the original degree are not being legalized or stamped then you can apply for the CIMEA. In CIMEA your original degree document should be apostilled and translated in English, and a transcript is only required.

Furthermore, the application for the next intake has already started in majorly all the European countries including countries Italy, Poland, Latvia, Germany, and Malta. If you are interested in studying abroad, then you can contact at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultant (MOEC) for all the admission-related and visa-related support and guidance. You can share your document at application02@meridean.org for evaluation. Also, if you want to take the live online counselling session then you can take it through our website. For more information or queries call at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011

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