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Here we will talk about the Kingston University which is located in a small distance away from London. This was a public University which was established in the year 1992 and there are about 19000 students who are enrolled here.  Just 30 minutes from downtown London, Kingston upon Thames has been continuously rated as one of the safest boroughs and one of the happiest locations to live in Greater London! As a riverside town in a wealthy area of London, it's no wonder that Kingston is a popular choice for students to study in UK.

Intakes for Kingston University

If any student is planning for a September intake in UK, and if they make timely applications, a window opens on March 2022 for the September intake where the students submit the forms for international scholarship. This happens in every year; as a result, every student looking for a September intake should take their admission and fill the scholarship forms.

Programs Offered by the College

Kingston University provides a comprehensive range of support services for all students, ranging from assistance with studies and English language, to resume building and job fairs, to arrival in London, to visas and immigration, to healthcare and counseling, to religion and spirituality, and more.

Kingston is just a few miles away from the Penrhyn Road campus. With the Kingston Students' Union and other sports and exercise facilities, this is one energetic campus. The University's art and design programs are housed at the Knights Park campus, which is located on the banks of the Thames.

Kingston University has a vibrant campus life. The specialty of Kingston University is its four teaching campuses and the various amenities available. Over the next ten years, the University plans to invest £260 million in the renovation of these buildings.

Kingston University is proud to be a truly multicultural institution, with students hailing from more than 140 different countries. Every year, the university receives approximately 1,500 new international students.

All the courses here are built with your career in mind, so that you receive the most current information and acquire the important work-related skills that are necessary in today's workplace. Many of the courses have been designed in collaboration with professional organizations and have earned professional accreditation as a result of that collaboration.

International Scholarship

The scholarship for this university is worth 5000  pounds and the students who will be eligible for it will be notified in advance by the University before the payment of their tuition fees. One can take admission here for both the January and September 2022 intake; however, the scholarship for January is no longer available.


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