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Today, we will talk about those students who are already studying in universities abroad such as in the USA, UK, or Canada, New Zealand and are planning to come to India.  We are going to share with you some positive news that has been shared by the Indian Government.

No COVID testing for traveling after 14th Feb:

If you are traveling to India after 14th February, then you do not have to undergo a COVID test in whichever country you are coming from such as in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc. This was not the case earlier. The rule earlier was that you’d need to undergo a COVID test 72 hours before travel and only then you could travel to India.

No mandatory quarantine:

Moreover, the earlier 7-days quarantine rule does not apply either and the passengers traveling need to self monitor that they aren’t affected by the COVID-19 for the next 14 days. As a result, there are no restrictions on them whatsoever from the Indian Government.

However, you need to know that the government has a list of 80 selected countries whose vaccinations are allowed. To know all the details, you can check the Indian Government portal and find out the names of the countries allowed.

Upload your vaccination certificate on app ”Air Suvidha”:

Before you are traveling to India, you must ensure that you have uploaded your vaccination certificate on the app, “Air Subidha.” You must have to register on this app to travel to India; otherwise you won’t be allowed to travel here. The benefit of uploading your vaccination certificate here is that after you’ve done so, the respective airlines through which you’ll be traveling to India, won’t be asking a negative PCR-test report from you.    

There are countries that have an agreement with India on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates for nationally recognized or WHO recognized vaccines. Similarly, countries who do not currently have an agreement with India but allow Indian people who have been completely vaccinated with a Nationally recognized or WHO recognized vaccine to enter their countries are also exempt from visa requirements. Only passengers from countries that enable Indians to enter without quarantine will be granted a waiver under the Certificate of completion of the full primary immunization schedule of the COVID-19 vaccination on the basis of reciprocity.

On the website of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (mohfw.gov.in), a list of these countries is provided, and a link to that list will be made available at both that website and the Air Suvidha Portal.

Also, this is a dynamic list that will be periodically revised. On the Air Suvidha portal, travelers from certain countries are only accepted for entry based on vaccination certificates, and they must upload their certificates.

International travelers from all countries will be randomly sampled during check-in. Visitors are permitted to depart the airport if they provide samples. Samples that are found to be positive will be transferred to the INSACOG laboratory network for genetic testing.


Moreover, the admission for May Intake 2022 is currently open now for most of the universities abroad and hence, you can check and find out the eligibility criteria for admission and plan accordingly.

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