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Top Countries to Study in Europe

Europe is one of the most exciting places where international students choose to study. It has many underpinned universities that provide you with a dynamic curriculum and extensive teaching expertise. The universities are part of a leading academic community and provide a foundation and pathway to students for their success in a different fields.

 Europe is very rich in culture and heritage which attracts international students and excites them to explore different countries of Europe. Apart from this, it has a strong economy which increases the scope of part-time job opportunities as well as job opportunities after the completion of their studies. The universities focus on developing the technical skills of their students and see them as the future minds for the development of the continent. It has good and budget-friendly transportation facilities which facilitate easy movement from one country to another country.

 In many countries of Europe English is used as a common language which boosts confidence and fluency of speaking English. Whereas you also have an option to learn other languages like Germany, Italian, etc. The universities in most of the countries of Europe accepts MOI as proof of English proficiency. To pursue the bachelor’s degree in Europe you need a qualification of 10+2 and for the master’s you need the qualification of a bachelor’s. Also, you need a valid passport, updated CV, letter of recommendation from previous institute and many other documents. With 50 countries spread across its landmass, it has many academic choices for which students can opt for like:


Poland is an attractive destination that international students choose as their study abroad destination. The universities in Poland will provide you with high quality education and degrees which are recognized worldwide. The cost of education, as well as the cost of living in Poland, is comparatively low than in many other countries of the world. There are many international companies that chose Poland as their hub for the office set-up and provide good opportunities and employment to the students after the completion of their higher studies. There are more than 5000 courses available in different universities of the country which facilitates the students to choose from the wide range and best combination for themselves.


There are a lot of universities in Germany that are ranked among the top universities of the world. The country offers you high quality education with high class technology. The country also has stable politics and economy which creates a safe environment for the international students. The tuition fees of the universities are comparatively low than many other countries like UK, US. There are various scholarship programs provided by the state government which helps in financing the studies. The country has vibrant life and diverse culture to explore. The country also provides the various job opportunities to the students. Most of the universities in Germany accept IELTS as English proficiency proof. The application for the summer intake starts from the month of July. 


Latvia is very less populated country that provides a pleasant environment to international students with affordable fees and less cost of living. The universities of Latvia are famous for their engineering programs, and the universities produce high quality skilled engineers. The Latvian universities allow students for part-time job opportunities for 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during holidays. The application for the February intake is now open.

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