List of Courses at University of Oxford, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
BA, Mathematics and Philosophy
BM BCh, Medicine (graduate-entry/accelerated)
BM BCh, Medicine
BFA, Fine Art
BA, Theology and Religion
BA, Religion and Oriental Studies
BA, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics
BA, Psychology (Experimental)
BA, Physics and Philosophy
BA, Physics
BA, Music
BA, Oriental Studies
BA, Philosophy and Modern Languages
BA, Philosophy and Theology
BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
BA, Modern Languages and Linguistics
BA, Modern Languages
BA, Mathematics and Statistics
BA, Mathematics and Computer Science
BA, Law (Jurisprudence)
BA, Mathematics
BA, Human Sciences
BA, History of Art
BA, History and Politics
BA, History and Modern Languages
BA, History and Economics
BA, History and English
BA, History (Ancient and Modern)
BA, History
BA, Geography
BA, Foundation Year in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
BA, Foundation Year in Law
BA, European and Middle Eastern Languages
BA, Foundation Year in Humanities
BA, English Language and Literature
BA, English and Modern Languages
BA, Economics and Management
BA, Earth Sciences (Geology)
BA, Computer Science and Philosophy
BA, Classics and Oriental Studies
BA, Computer Science
BA, Classics and Modern Languages
BA, Classics and English
BA, Classics
BA, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
BA, Biomedical Sciences
BA, Biology
BA, Archaeology and Anthropology
Computer Science
Economics and Management
Materials Science
MPhysPhil, Physics and Philosophy
MPhys, Physics
MMathPhil, Mathematics and Philosophy
MMathCompSci, Mathematics and Computer Science
MMath, Mathematics and Statistics
MEng, Materials Science
MMath, Mathematics
MEng, Engineering Science
MEng, Foundation Year in Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science
MEarthSci, Earth Sciences (Geology)
MCompPhil, Computer Science and Philosophy
MCompSci, Computer Science
MChem, Chemistry
MChem, Foundation Year in Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science
MBiol, Biology
MBiomedSci, Biomedical Sciences
MBiochem, Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular)
Information Technology
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