List of Courses at University of Gloucestershire, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Performing Arts BA (Hons)
Paramedic Science BSc (Hons)
Paramedic Science (Level 6) BSc (Hons)
Operating Department Practice BSc (Hons)
Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons)
Nursing Associate FDa
Nursing (Mental Health) BSc (Hons)
Nursing (Learning Disabilities) BSc (Hons)
Music Business BA (Hons)
Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons)
Mechatronics Engineering MEng
Mechatronics Engineering BEng (Hons)
Marketing (Digital Innovation) BA (Hons)
Marketing (Consumer Behaviour Insights) BA (Hons)
Marketing BA (Hons)
Marketing (Advertising and Branding) BA (Hons)
Magazine Journalism and Production BA (Hons)
Law (Individual Rights) LLB (Hons)
Logistics Management BA (Hons)
Law (Corporate Law) LLB (Hons)
Law LLB (Hons)
Landscape Architecture BA (Hons)
Journalism and Communications (Level 6) BA (Hons)
Journalism BA (Hons)
International Relations BA (Hons)
International Hospitality and Tourism Management BA (Hons)
International Business Management BA (Hons)
Intermediate Human Resource Management (L5) CPS [Level 5]
Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Industrial Control Engineering MEng
Human Geography BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Industrial Control Engineering BEng (Hons)
History and Religious Studies BA (Hons)
History and Politics BA (Hons)
History BA (Hons)
History and Philosophy BA (Hons)
Healthcare Science (Ophthalmic Imaging) BSc (Hons)
Health and Social Care CertHE
Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Geography BA (Hons)
Geography BSc (Hons)
Games Art BSc (Hons)
Forensic Psychology BSc (Hons)
Film Production BA (Hons)
Fine Art BA (Hons)
Fashion Design BA (Hons)
Events Management BA (Hons)
English Literature and Creative Writing BA (Hons)
English BA (Hons)
English and Creative Writing BA (Hons)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering BEng (Hons)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering MEng
Education, Inclusion and Special Ed Needs BA (Hons)
Education BA (Hons)
Ecology and Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons)
Drama and Performance Practice (Level 6) BA (Hons)
Digital Media BA (Hons)
Drama and Performance Practice BA (Hons)
Diagnostic Radiography BSc (Hons)
Dance (Level 6) BA (Hons)
Cyber and Computer Security BSc (Hons)
Dance BA (Hons)
Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Psychology BSc (Hons)
Criminology BSc (Hons)
Creative Writing BA (Hons)
Crime and Criminal Justice (Level 6) BSc (Hons)
Construction Project Management BSc (Hons)
Creative Advertising BA (Hons)
Computing Technologies BSc (Hons)
Computing (Level 6) BSc (Hons)
Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons)
Computer Science BSc (Hons)
Computer Games Design BSc (Hons)
Communications and Media BA (Hons)
Computer and Cyber Forensics BSc (Hons)
Business Management and Strategy (Level 6) BA (Hons)
Business and Marketing Management BA (Hons)
Performing Arts (Level 6) BA (Hons)
Business and Management (Law) BA (Hons)
Business and Management (Enterprise & Innovation) BA (Hons)
Business and Management (Digital Business) BA (Hons)
Business and Management BA (Hons)
Business & Management (Human Resource Management) BA (Hons)
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
Biology BSc (Hons)
Architecture BA (Hons)
Applied Sport and Exercise Studies (Level 6) BSc (Hons)
Applied Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)
Animation BA (Hons)
Animal Biology BSc (Hons)
Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
Accounting and Business Management BA (Hons)
Philosophy and Politics BA (Hons)
Photography BA (Hons)
Photography: Editorial and Advertising BA (Hons)
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography BA (Hons)
Sports Strength and Conditioning MSc, PgCert, PgDip
Sports Performance Analysis MSc, PgCert, PgDip
Sports Communications and Digital Media MA
Secondary Education Mathematics PGCE
Secondary Education Physical Education PGCE
Social Work MA, PgDip
Secondary Education History PGCE
Secondary Education Geography PGCE
Secondary Education Computing PGCE
Secondary Education English PGCE
Secondary Education Biology PGCE
Secondary Education Art and Design PGCE
School Direct – General Primary (Fee-funded PGCE) PGCE
Screenwriting MA
Psychology MSc
Professional Practice in Sports Coaching MSc, PgDip
Professional Practice in PE and School Sport MA
Primary Education PGCE
Prof Prac: Lifestyle Management in Sport MSc, PgDip
Photography MA
Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) MSc
National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (NASENCO Award) PgCert
Mechatronics Engineering MSc
MBA Business Administration (Masters Stage) MBA
MBA Business Administration MBA
Legal Research LLM
Marketing MSc, PgCert, PgDip
Landscape Architecture (Conversion) MA, PgDip
Landscape Architecture MA, PgDip
International Business Law and Management LLM
International Business MSc
Industrial Control Engineering MSc
Inclusive Education MA, PgCert
Illustration MA
Human Resource Management (Masters Stage) MSc
Human Resource Management MSc, PgDip
Higher Education Leadership and Management MA, PgCert, PgDip
Health Psychology MSc
Graphic Design MDes
Forensic Psychology MSc
Game Development MSc
Global Business Administration MBA
Fine Art MA, PgCert, PgDip
Financial Technology MSc
Film Making MA
Engineering Management MSc
Education, Ethics and Leadership MA
Electrical and Electronics Engineering MSc
Education MA
Early Years with Early Years Teacher Status EYTS, PgCert
Digital Construction MSc
Data Science MSc
Cyber Security MSc
Criminology MSc, PgCert, PgDip
Cyber Forensic Investigation MSc
Creative and Critical Writing MA, PgCert, PgDip
Conservation GIS PG Credit, PgCert, RoA [Level 7]
Communications, PR and the Media MA
Applied Ecology MSc, PgCert, PgDip
Animation MA
Advanced Restorative Practitioner PgCert
Advanced Professional Practice MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice CPS [Level 7], MSc
Accounting and Finance (Masters Stage) MSc
Sports Therapy MSc
Urban Planning and Design MSc
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