List of Courses at The University of Edinburgh, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Divinity (BD) V600
Divinity - Graduate Entry (MDiv) V630
Computer Science and Physics (BSc) GF43
Computer Science and Mathematics (BSc) GG14
Computer Science and Management Science (BSc) GN42
Computer Science (BEng) G401
Computer Science (BSc) G400
Computational Physics (BSc) F343
Computational Physics (MPhys) F355
Cognitive Science (Humanities) (MA) C851
Cognitive Science (BSc) C859
Classics and Linguistics (MA) QQ81
Classics and English Language (MA) QQ83
Classics (MA) Q800
Classical Studies (MA) Q810
Classical Archaeology and Greek (MA) QV84
Classical Archaeology and Latin (MA) VQ46
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (MA) VV14
Civil Engineering (MEng) H203
Civil Engineering (BEng) H200
Chinese and Russian Studies (MA) BR37
Chinese and Spanish (MA) BR34
Chinese and Linguistics (MA) TQ11
Chinese and German (MA) BR32
Chinese and History (MA) TV11
Chinese and French (MA) BR31
Chinese (MA) T100
Childhood Practice (BA)
Chemistry (BSc) F100
Chemistry (MChem) F104
Chemical Physics (BSc) F334
Chemical Physics (MChemPhys) F333
Chemical Engineering (BEng) H800
Chemical Engineering (MEng) H804
Celtic and Scottish Literature (MA) Q590
Celtic and Scottish History (MA) QV52
Celtic and Scandinavian Studies (MA) QR56
Celtic and Linguistics (MA) QQ15
Celtic and French (MA) QR51
Celtic and English Literature (MA) QQH5
Celtic and English Language (MA) QQ53
Celtic (MA) Q500
Celtic and Archaeology (MA) QV54
Business with Strategic Economics (MA) N1L1
Business with Human Resource Management (MA) N1N6
Business with Marketing (MA) N1N5
Business with Enterprise and Innovation (MA) N1N2
Business with Decision Analytics (MA) NN12
Business Management (MA) N100
Business and Law (MA) NM11
Business and Economics (MA) NL11
Business and Geography (MA) NL17
Biomedical Sciences (BSc) C190
Biomedical Informatics (based in China) (BSc)
Biological Sciences with Management (BSc) C1N1
Biological Sciences (Zoology) (BSc) C300
Biological Sciences (Plant Science) (BSc) C200
Biological Sciences (Molecular Genetics) (BSc) C440
Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology) (BSc) C720
Biological Sciences (Genetics) (BSc) C400
Biological Sciences (Immunology) (BSc) C550
Biological Sciences (Evolutionary Biology) (BSc) C182
Biological Sciences (Ecology) (BSc) C180
Biological Sciences (Development, Regeneration and Stem Cells) (BSc) C140
Biological Sciences (Cell Biology) (BSc) C130
Biological Sciences (Biotechnology) (BSc) J700
Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) (BSc) C700
Biological Sciences (BSc) C100
Astrophysics (MPhys) F361
Astrophysics (BSc) F510
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (BSc) GG47
Artificial Intelligence (BSc) G700
Art (BA) W100
Architecture (BA/MA) K100
Architectural History and Heritage (MA) VV31
Architectural History and Archaeology (MA) VVH4
Archaeology and Social Anthropology (MA) VL46
Archaeology and Ancient History (MA) VV1A
Archaeology (MA) V400
Arabic with Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (MA) T622
Arabic and Spanish (MA) TR64
Arabic and Social Anthropology (MA) LT66
Arabic and Politics (MA) TL62
Arabic and Persian (MA) T621
Arabic and History (MA) TV61
Arabic and French (MA) TR61
Arabic and Business (MA) TN61
Arabic and Ancient Greek (MA) QQK7
Applied Sport Science (BSc) C610
Applied Mathematics (BSc) G120
Applied Mathematics (MMath) G121
Animation (BA) W615
Ancient History and Latin (MA) VQ16
Ancient History and Greek (MA) VQ17
Ancient History (MA) V110
Ancient and Medieval History (MA) V190
Anatomy and Development (BSc) C183
Acoustics and Music Technology (BSc) W380
Accounting and Finance (MA) NN43
Accounting and Business (MA) NN14
Computational Mathematical Finance MSc
Computer Science MSc
Computational Applied Mathematics MSc
Comparative Public Policy MSc
Comparative Literature MSc
Comparative Literature PhD
Comparative Education and International Development (CEID) MSc
Commercial Law LLM
Comparative and European Private Law LLM
Collections and Curating Practices MScR
Cognitive Science MSc
Clinical Veterinary Sciences PhD, MScR
Clinical Psychology DClinPsychol
Clinical Trials (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Clinical Ophthalmology (Online Learning) ChM (Clinical Ophthalmology)
Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Clinical Education (Online Learning) MSc, PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Clinical Education PhD
Clinical Brain Sciences PhD
Clinical Animal Behaviour (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
Clinical and Health Psychology PhD, MScR
Climate Change Finance and Investment MSc
Clinical Anatomy MSc
Classics MScR
Classics MSc
Classics PhD
Classical Art and Archaeology MSc
Chinese PhD
Chinese MScR
Chemistry PhD, MScR
Child Life and Health PhD
Celtic Studies and Scottish Studies PhD
Celtic Studies MScR
Cardiovascular Science PhD, MScR
Cell Biology PhD
Cardiovascular Biology MScR
Carbon Management MSc
Cancer (Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre) PhD, MScR
Business Analytics MSc
Business Administration, Master of MBA
Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) MScR
Biotechnology MSc, PgDip
Biomedical Sciences (Based in China) PhD
Bioengineering MScR
Bioinformatics MSc, PgDip
Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants MSc, PgDip
Biochemistry MSc, PgDip
Banking and Risk MSc
Biblical Studies MTh, MSc
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences PhD
Astrophysics PhD
Artificial Intelligence MSc
Architecture, Master of (ARB/RIBA Part 2) MArch ARB Pt 2
Art PhD, MPhil
Architecture MScR
Architecture by Design PhD
Architecture PhD, MPhil
Architectural History and Theory MSc
Architectural History PhD, MPhil
Architectural and Urban Design MSc
Architectural Conservation MSc
Archaeology MSc
Archaeology PhD
Archaeology MScR
Applied Psychology (Healthcare) For Children and Young People MSc
Applied Poultry Science (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
Applied Medical Image Analysis (Online Learning) PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
Applied Linguistics MSc
Applied Environmental Hydrogeology MSc
Applied Conservation Genetics with Wildlife Forensics (Online Learning) MSc, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare MSc
Applied and Computational Mathematics PhD
Animal Breeding and Genetics MSc, PgDip
Ancient History MSc
Ancient Worlds (Archaeology and Classics) (Online Learning) MSc
Anatomical Sciences (Biomedical Sciences) PhD
Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev
Analytical Chemistry MSc
Analysis PhD
American History MSc
Algebra PhD
Agriculture and Food Security PhD
African Studies PhD
Africa and International Development MSc
Condensed Matter PhD
Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc
Advanced Sustainable Design MSc
Advanced Social Work Studies (Mental Health Officer Award) PgCert
Advanced Power Engineering MSc
Advanced Nursing (Online Learning) MSc
Advanced Nursing MSc
Advanced Design Informatics MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice (Online Learning) MVetSci, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
Acoustics and Music Technology MSc
Accounting PhD
Accounting and Finance MSc
Conservation Medicine (Online Learning) MVetSci, PgDip (ICL), PgCert (ICL), PgProfDev
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