List of Courses at University College London, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Danish and French BA
Danish and German BA
Danish and Hebrew BA
Danish and Finnish BA
Danish and Dutch BA
Czech and Yiddish BA
Czech and Ukrainian BA
Czech and Serbian/Croatian BA
Czech and Swedish BA
Czech and Spanish BA
Czech and Russian BA
Czech and Romanian BA
Czech and Portuguese BA
Czech and Italian BA
Czech and Norwegian BA
Czech and Polish BA
Czech and Hungarian BA
Czech and Hebrew BA
Czech and German BA
Czech and French BA
Czech and Dutch BA
Czech and Finnish BA
Czech and Danish BA
Czech (with Slovak) and East European Studies BA
Crime and Security Science BSc
Computer Science MEng
Computer Science BSc
Comparative Literature BA
Comparative Literature with a Year Abroad BA
Classics with Study Abroad BA
Classics BA
Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation BA
Civil Engineering MEng
Civil Engineering BEng
Chemistry with Mathematics MSci
Chemistry with Mathematics BSc
Chemistry with Management Studies MSci
Chemistry (International Programme) MSci
Chemistry with Management Studies BSc
Chemistry MSci
Chemistry BSc
Chemical Engineering MEng
Chemical Engineering BEng
Cancer Biomedicine BSc
Bulgarian and Yiddish BA
Bulgarian and Ukrainian BA
Bulgarian and Swedish BA
Bulgarian and Serbian/Croatian BA
Bulgarian and Spanish BA
Bulgarian and Russian BA
Bulgarian and Romanian BA
Bulgarian and Portuguese BA
Bulgarian and Norwegian BA
Bulgarian and Polish BA
Bulgarian and Hungarian BA
Bulgarian and Italian BA
Bulgarian and Hebrew BA
Bulgarian and German BA
Bulgarian and French BA
Bulgarian and Danish BA
Bulgarian and Finnish BA
Bulgarian and East European Studies BA
Bulgarian and Dutch BA
Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Science and Engineering) BSc
Bulgarian and Czech BA
Biomedical Sciences BSc
Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Business and Management) BSc
Biomedical Engineering MEng
Biomedical Engineering BEng
Biochemistry MSci
Biological Sciences BSc
Biological Sciences MSci
Biochemical Engineering BEng
Biochemistry BSc
Biochemical Engineering MEng
Audiology BSc
Bachelor of Law (UCL) and Bachelor of Law (HKU) LLB
Astrophysics MSci
Astrophysics BSc
Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc
Arts and Sciences BASc
Architecture MSci
Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies BSc
Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies with a Year Abroad BSc
Architecture BSc
Archaeology with a Placement Year BA
Danish and Hungarian BA
Archaeology with a Year Abroad BA
Archaeology and Anthropology BA
Archaeology of Egypt and Sudan BA
Archaeology BSc
Archaeology BA
Anthropology with a Year Abroad BSc
Applied Medical Sciences BSc
Anthropology BSc
Ancient World with a Year Abroad BA
Ancient Languages with Year Abroad BA
Ancient World BA
Ancient Languages BA
Ancient History BA
Design for Manufacture MArch
Audiological Science MSc
Crime Science MSc
Architectural History MA
Museum Studies MA
Stroke Medicine MRes
Social Research MRes
Security Studies MSc
Machine Learning MSc
Education (Science) MA
Health Humanities MA
Creative Health MASc
Computer Science MSc
Archaeology Grad Dip
Social Epidemiology MSc
Endodontology MClinDent
Telecommunications MRes
Engineering with Finance MSc
Education (Assessment) MA
Anaesthesia and Perioperative Science MSc
Pain Management MSc
Data Science MSc
Clinical Trials MSc
City Planning MPlan
Citizen Science MSc
Brain Sciences MRes
Artefact Studies MA
Telecommunications MSc
Orthodontics MClinDent
Education (Geography) MA
Clinical Neurology MSc
Nanotechnology MSc
Applied Linguistics MA
Advanced Audiology MSc
Sensor Systems MSc
Russian Studies MA
Music Education MA
Expert Teaching MA
Ancient History MA
Medical Education MSc
History of Art MA
Periodontology MClinDent
Urban Studies MSc
Ophthalmology MSc
Women's Health MSc
Public Policy MSc
Oral Medicine MSc
Jewish Studies MA
Situated Practice MA
Spatial Planning MSc
Global Urbanism MASc
History (SSEES) MA
Drug Design MRes
Endodontics MSc
Drug Design MSc
Human Rights MA
Architecture MArch
Dental Hygiene MSc
Global Learning MA
Climate Change MSc
Management MSc
Statistics MSc
Pharmaceutics MSc
Anthropology MRes
Child Health MRes
Public History MA
Orthopaedics MSc
Neuroscience MSc
Biosciences MRes
Conservation MSc
Astrophysics MSc
Fine Art MA
Film Studies MA
Fine Art MFA
Geoscience MSc
Linguistics MA
Archaeology MA
Publishing MA
Transport MSc
Neurosurgery MRes
Philosophy MA
Economics MSc
Dietetics MSc
Policing MSc
Physics MSc
Education MA
Finance MSc
Classics MA
Natural Hazards for Insurers PG Cert
History MA
Health MBA
Global MBA
Performing Arts Medicine MSc
Cancer MSc
Performing Arts Medicine (by DL) PG Cert
Learning Environments MSc
Geophysical Hazards MSc
Planetary Science MSc
Entrepreneurship MSc
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