London Metropolitan University Courses & Fees

London Metropolitan University Courses

The London Metropolitan University courses offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs. The university has a qualified teaching staff from all over the community. The professors help the students in resolving their problems. LMU provides more than 160 programs for undergraduates and more than 140 programs for postgraduate students. Students can choose their favourite programs from this university. Also, they can enrol themselves for full-time, part-time or short courses at LMU.

The university provides BA, B.Sc., and B.Eng. degrees for undergraduate students. On the other hand, for postgraduate students, the university offers MA, M.Sc., and MBA degrees. The full-time bachelors in UK have a course duration of a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years. For a bachelor’s degree, some courses have a one-year internship program. The full-time masters in UK are completed in a year or two. Some master’s programmes also provide the students with a three- or six-month internship program.

The most chosen programs by the students in the LMU are given below. Also, for more details, refers to the university’s website.

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