List of Courses at Brunel University London, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Environmental Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Biological Sciences for intercalated students
Medicine MBBS
Life Sciences
Nursing (Adult)
Nursing (Child Health)
Nursing (Mental Health)
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Hons)
Occupational Therapy
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
Psychology (Sport, Health and Exercise)
Mathematics and Computing
Mathematics and Statistics with Management
Mathematics with Computer Science
Financial Mathematics
Financial Mathematics
Mathematics for Data Science
Electronic Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Business Computing (Social Media)
Business Computing (Human-Computer Interaction)
Business Computing (eBusiness)
Computer Science
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Product Design Engineering
Industrial Design
Digital Design
Aerospace Engineering
Theatre and English
Theatre and Creative Writing
Environmental Sciences
Sociology (Media)
Politics and Sociology
International Politics
Politics and History
Music Production
Graduate Entry LLB (Hons)
Law with Criminal Justice LLB (Hons)
Law with International Arbitration and Commercial Law LLB (Hons)
Law LLB (Hons)
History and International Relations
Military and International History
Modern History
Global Challenges (Social Cohesion)
Global Challenges (Security)
Global Challenges (Planetary Health)
Global Challenges (Global Innovation)
Games Design and Creative Writing
Film Production
Games Design
Film and Television Studies and English
Film Production and Theatre
English with Creative Writing
Film and Television Studies
Economics and Mathematics
Finance and Accounting
Economics and Management
Economics and Business Finance
Economics and Accounting
Banking and Finance
Communication and Media Studies
Creative Writing
International Business
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Accounting and Business Management
Business and Management
Business Studies
Anthropology and Sociology
Physician Associate
Occupational Therapy
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Design
Environmental Sciences
Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Occupational Therapy)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Neurological Rehabilitation)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Critical Care)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Cardiovascular Health)
Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management)
Renewable Energy Engineering
Oil and Gas Engineering
Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering
Engineering Management
Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy
Building Services Engineering
Building Services Engineering Management
Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Advanced Engineering Design
Statistics with Data Analytics
Financial Mathematics
Wireless and Computer Communication Networks
Sustainable Electrical Power
Electrical Vehicle Systems
Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Digital Service Design
Data Science and Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Water Engineering
Structural Engineering
Project and Infrastructure Management
Civil Engineering
Integrated Product Design
Digital Design and Branding Integrated Product Design
Design Strategy and Innovation
Design and Branding Strategy
Political Communication
International Relations
Intelligence and Security Studies
Intelligence and Security Studies (Distance Learning)
Intelligence Analysis
Media and Public Relations
Law, Policy and Practice
Master of Laws (LLM Law)
International Human Rights Law LLM
International Financial Regulation and Corporate Law LLM
International Commercial Law LLM
Intellectual Property Law LLM
International Journalism
Military History
Digital Games Theory and Design
English Literature
Finance and Investment
Finance and Accounting
Business Finance
Banking and Finance
Creative Writing
Media and Communications
International Business
Human Resource Management
Environmental Management
Anthropology of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
Children, Youth, and International Development
Global Supply Chain Management
Corporate Brand Management
Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Strategy
Accounting and Business Intelligence
Accounting and Business Management
Social Anthropology
Art Psychotherapy
Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology
Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education
Medical Anthropology
Aerospace Engineering
Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Psychological Sciences (Conversion)
Psychology, Culture and Evolution
Social Work
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
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