List of Courses at Abertay University, UK

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Under graduate Post graduate
Physical Activity and Health BSc (Hons)
Law LLB (Hons)
Marketing and Business Management BA (Hons)
Mental Health Nursing BSc (Hons)
Forensic Sciences BSc (Hons)
Game Design and Production BA (Hons)
Food, Nutrition and Health BSc (Hons)
Food Science, Nutrition and Wellbeing BSc (Hons)
Food and Consumer Science BSc (Hons)
Fitness, Nutrition and Health BSc (Hons)
Ethical Hacking BSc (Hons)
Digital Marketing with Events Management BA (Hons)
Digital Marketing and Business Management BA (Hons)
Criminology and Sociology BA (Hons)
Cybersecurity BSc (Hons)
Criminology and Policing BA (Hons)
Computing BSc (Hons)
Criminology BA (Hons)
Computer Games Technology BSc (Hons)
Computer Game Applications Development BSc (Hons)
Civil and Environmental Engineering MEng/BEng (Hons)
Computer Arts BA (Hons)
Business Management with People Management BA (Hons)
Business Management with Law BA (Hons)
Business Management with Analytics BA (Hons)
Business Management with Events Management BA (Hons)
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
Business Management BA (Hons)
Accounting and Finance with Law BA (Hons)
Accounting and Finance with People Management BA (Hons)
Accounting and Finance with Business Analytics BA (Hons)
Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
Professional Masters in Games Development MProf
Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity MSc/PGDip
Construction Management MSc
Computer Games Technology MSc/PGDip
Applied Artificial Intelligence & User Experience MSc
Accounting and Finance (CIMA Gateway) MSc
Counselling MSc
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