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Cambridge University aims to amplify education standards by empowering students through the best possible education. MOEC has partnered with The Cambridge University to help them recruit talented individuals.

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When we think about studying abroad, there are few of the top universities that come to our mind like The Oxford College, The Cambridge University, and The University of Glasgow etc. These universities have fascinated us at some point of our lives and The Cambridge University has been the most desired one. They say, “University is the place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge” The Cambridge University proves it in every way. The University was founded in 1209 and was granted Royal Charter by Henry III in 1231. The Cambridge University is second oldest University in English speaking countries and fourth oldest surviving college. The Oxford University and The Cambridge University have many common features. The college has a mix of traditional methodology and modernization to provide the college students. The University is placed round 60 miles North to London. Cambridge is an ideal blend of superbly ancient places and vibrant, welcoming present. From Isaac Newton to Crick, Watson and Franklin, Cambridge has been home to various scientists. Cambridge is likewise rich in history as its in science. If you like, books and wish to visit the best bookselling shop then Heffers Bookstore has endless books for you along with fun gaming section to spend some of your leisure time. If you need to stroll, Cambridge is ideal for sight-seeing, the town middle is car free zone and you can wander on cobbled streets and beautiful architectures. The University is located on River Cam. The University has an array of publications to provide.

Around 19000 college students attend the college every year and more than 35% of them look at the graduate stage. There are six schools in the University, which are arts and humanities, organic sciences, scientific medicine, humanities and social sciences, bodily sciences and technology. The instructional calendar at Cambridge is split into 3 terms – Michaelmas (fall), Lent (winter) and Easter (spring).

Cambridge incorporates 31 residential colleges, which are responsible for admitting undergraduate and graduate college students. Small group instructions for undergraduates helps in teacher – pupil bond and increase level of understanding. Some of the best subjects offered by the University are arts and humanities, Biotechnology and applied microbiology, Biology and biochemistry, Space science and cell biology. Cambridge has over hundred libraries, together with university and branch libraries. The college has around one hundred forty centers and institutes that contribute to distinct areas of research. When we speak about modernization of University has launched en number of distance learning courses for students sitting in different parts of the world.

Cambridge University has been home to all and because it is one of the top-notch universities, it enhances your career profile for a bright career path. It has been creating a unique position in the field of education over the last 813 years maintaining its legacy with dignity. To stay and study at Cambridge is a wonderful joy that a student needs to take. Major companies come to the college to run interviews which opens up horizon of opportunities for you. It is an amazing experience to develop discipline and achieve excellence as Benjamin Franklin rightly said,”An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest.”

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