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The Nursing Course in New Zealand offers a comprehensive and rewarding educational pathway for aspiring healthcare professionals. Renowned for its high-quality education and robust healthcare system, New Zealand provides students with a well-rounded curriculum that covers essential theoretical knowledge and practical clinical training.

The course typically spans three years for a bachelor’s degree, with options for postgraduate studies in specialised fields. Students can choose from various colleges and institutions, including the prestigious University of Auckland, AUT, Massey University, and more.

The country also extends opportunities for part-time and online studies to cater to the needs of working professionals. Moreover, international students have access to scholarships, making it an attractive option for those seeking to pursue nursing in a multicultural environment.

Upon graduation, nursing graduates can look forward to promising career prospects within New Zealand's flourishing healthcare industry, ranging from hospitals and clinics to mental health facilities and community health centres.

Why Study Nursing Courses in New Zealand?

Studying Nursing Courses in New Zealand offers a plethora of compelling reasons for aspiring healthcare professionals. Firstly, New Zealand is renowned for its world-class education system and cutting-edge healthcare facilities, providing students with a high-quality learning experience. The country's multicultural environment fosters a diverse and inclusive learning atmosphere, enriching students' perspectives and promoting global networking opportunities.

New Zealand's emphasis on practical clinical training ensures that students gain valuable hands-on experience, preparing them to excel in real-world healthcare settings. The availability of specialised nursing courses allows students to tailor their education to align with their career aspirations.

International students can benefit from various scholarships and support services, making it an accessible option for those seeking a global nursing education. Overall, studying nursing in New Zealand promises not only a rewarding academic journey but also a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in healthcare.

Nursing Courses in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand offer the following courses in Nursing:

  • Bachelor of Nursing (BN)

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing

  • Master of Nursing

  • Master of Health Sciences (Nursing)

  • Master of Nursing Practice

  • Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

  • Master of Clinical Nursing

  • Master of Nursing Science

  • Master of Mental Health Nursing

  • Master of Paediatric Nursing

  • Master of Gerontology Nursing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Studies

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Community Health Nursing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care Nursing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Gerontology Nursing

Top Universities for Nursing Courses in New Zealand

University Name Place QS Global University Ranking 2024
University of Auckland Canterbury, New Zealand #68
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Hamilton, New Zealand #407
Massey University Auckland, New Zealand #239
University of Otago Otago, New Zealand #206
Victoria University of Wellington Auckland, New Zealand #241
Manukau Institute of Technology Auckland, New Zealand #901
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Tauranga, New Zealand #999
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology South Island, New Zealand #980

Cost of Studying for Nursing Courses in New Zealand

The cost of studying for Nursing Courses in New Zealand varies depending on the level of study, the institution, and whether the student is a domestic or international student.

On average, domestic students can expect to pay tuition fees ranging from NZD 6,000 to NZD 10,000 per year for undergraduate programs, while international students may face higher fees, typically ranging from NZD 25,000 to NZD 40,000 per year. Additional expenses like living costs, accommodation, and course materials should also be considered when planning for the overall cost of studying nursing in New Zealand.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand varies based on the city or region, lifestyle choices, and individual preferences. Generally, major cities like Auckland and Wellington have higher living expenses compared to smaller towns.

Monthly accommodation costs can range from NZD 800 to NZD 2,000 for shared accommodations or private rentals. Grocery expenses for a single person may be around NZD 150 to NZD 250 per week. Additional costs include utilities (NZD 150-250 per month), public transport (NZD 80-150 per month), and entertainment.

Overall, an average international student may require around NZD 20,000 to NZD 25,000 per year to cover living expenses in New Zealand.

Scholarships for Nursing Courses in New Zealand

Following are some Scholarships for Nursing Courses in New Zealand:

01. Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) Scholarships :

  • Amount : Varies, covers tuition fees, and may include a stipend to assist with living expenses.

02. Maori and Pasifika High Achievers First-in-Family Scholarships - University of Auckland :

  • Amount : Up to NZD 20,000 for the duration of the program

03. Poutiria Te Aroha Māori Health Scholarship :

  • Amount : Varies, supports Māori students studying health-related disciplines.

04. University of Otago - School of Nursing Scholarships :

  • Amount : Varies, includes several scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students.

05. Massey University - College of Health Scholarships

  • Amount : Varies, offers multiple scholarships for students pursuing health-related programs, including nursing.

06. Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Health Scholarships :

  • Amount : Varies offers scholarships to students in various health-related fields, including nursing.

Jobs after Nursing Course in New Zealand

After completing a Nursing course in New Zealand, graduates can explore various job opportunities within the healthcare sector.

  • Registered Nurse (RN) : Salary: Entry-level RNs in New Zealand can earn around NZD 50,000 to NZD 70,000 per year. With experience, the salary can range from NZD 70,000 to NZD 90,000 or more.

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) : Salary: Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand can earn between NZD 80,000 to NZD 120,000 per year, depending on experience and specialisation.

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) : Salary: Clinical Nurse Specialists can earn around NZD 70,000 to NZD 100,000 per year, depending on their level of expertise and years of experience.

  • Nurse Educator : Salary: Nurse Educators can earn approximately NZD 70,000 to NZD 90,000 per year, depending on their qualifications and the educational institution they work for.

  • Nurse Manager : Salary: Nurse Managers can earn around NZD 80,000 to NZD 110,000 per year, depending on the size of the healthcare facility and their managerial responsibilities.


The Nursing Course in New Zealand offers a comprehensive and rewarding educational pathway for aspiring healthcare professionals. With world-class institutions and a multicultural environment, students benefit from top-notch theoretical knowledge and practical training.

Specialised courses allow them to pursue their passion, and scholarships make it accessible to international students. Upon graduation, nursing graduates find promising career prospects in the flourishing healthcare industry.

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The curriculum for a Nursing course in New Zealand typically covers a wide range of subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing practice, health assessment, community health, mental health nursing, and nursing leadership. Students will also undergo practical clinical training in hospitals and healthcare settings.

The duration of a Nursing course in New Zealand varies depending on the level of study. A bachelor’s degree in nursing usually takes three years to complete, while a postgraduate degree can take one to two years.

Yes, New Zealand offers specialised nursing courses, such as Paediatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, and Gerontology Nursing. These courses enable students to focus on specific areas of nursing practice.

Yes, some educational institutions in New Zealand offer part-time or online nursing courses to accommodate the needs of working professionals. These flexible options allow students to balance their studies with other commitments.

New Zealand has several well-regarded institutions that offer Nursing courses, such as the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, and the University of Otago. Additionally, many polytechnics and institutes of technology also provide nursing education.

Yes, New Zealand offers opportunities for international students to work as nurses after completing their studies, provided they meet the required qualifications and registration criteria. Graduates can apply for nursing registration through the Nursing Council of New Zealand to become a registered nurse and work in the country's healthcare system.

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