Study MBBS in Canada for Indian Students 2024

Study MBBS in Canada for Indian Students


15 December 2022




Canada is a very important centre of quality education. MBBS is a popular degree offered for a period of 3 to 4 years by Canadian colleges and universities. A degree of MBBS in Canada is considered equivalent to an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. Although the degree is an undergraduate one in Canada, international students still need 3 to 4 years of a bachelor’s degree to get admission in the program. Indian students also need to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), just like the NEET exam in India, to fulfil the basic eligibility criteria to study in Canada. Many Indian students prefer to study in Canada because the country is immigrant-friendly and home to the top institutions in different fields of specialisation. World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council of India (DCI) recognise medical degrees from Canadian institutes. The duration of residency after these courses is 3-7 years. This blog aims to provide information on studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students and all the necessary details.


Why Study MBBS in Canada?


There are many different reasons why you should study MBBS in Canada. The country is one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations for MBBS courses by many international students. Top MBBS universities in Canada have high academic standards, world-class infrastructure and veteran faculties. The excellent reputation of these medical institutions attracts Indian students each year. There are nearly 17 medical universities in Canada, and almost all of them fall under the top 100 medical universities in the world. Some advantages of studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students are mentioned below. 

  • No language constraints

  • Diversity and Multicultural 

  • Reputed Colleges in the country 

  • Jobs with work permit in Canada 

  • Scholarships 

  • Best quality of education with highly qualified faculty 

  • Recognised degrees 

  • Scope for research 


Admission Requirements to Study MBBS in Canada for Indian Students


To study MBBS in Canada, the applicant must fulfil the necessary admission requirements set by the university of choice. The eligibility criteria to study at the best MBBS universities in Canada for international students are given below.

  • To secure a seat at the top MBBS universities in Canada, students must have an undergraduate degree in science or biology. 

  • Students must take the medical test to get a student visa for Canada. 

  • Indian students are required to give NEET with good scores.

  • Students must pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as a basic admission requirement. 

  • Students must score a minimum band score of 6.5 on the IELTS exam to prove their English proficiency. 

  • Students must check the requirements for a student visa for Canada and the associated tests. 


Top MBBS Universities in Canada for International Students


There are many top MBBS universities in Canada for international students. Some of these universities are mentioned below.

  1. University of Waterloo 

  2. University of Calgary 

  3. Trinity Western University

  4. University of Manitoba

  5. University of Western Ontario

  6. Queen’s University

  7. University of Alberta

  8. University of Victoria

  9. Canadian Mennonite University 

  10. University of Fraser Valley 

  11. Memorial University of Newfoundland 

  12. University of Toronto 

  13. McGill University 

  14. McMaster University 

  15. University of Ottawa 

  16. University of Sherbrooke 

  17. Northern Ontario School of Medicine University 

  18. University of British Columbia 

  19. Dalhousie University 

  20. Simon Fraser University 


Cost of Studying MBBS in Canada for International Students


MBBS in Canada can be expensive. The cost of studying MBBS in Canada can cost from 18 lakhs to 32 lakhs. However, fees may differ from university to university and might cost less if the student is awarded a scholarship. The list below shows the tuition fees of some of the leading medical universities in Canada. 


Cost of Studying MBBS in Canada for International Students 

University Name

Estimated Fees

University of Ottawa

29 Lakhs

University of Toronto

18 Lakhs

University of Manitoba

23 Lakhs

Trinity Medical College

19 Lakhs


Job Opportunities After Pursuing MBBS in Canada for Indian Students


One of the main concerns of Indian students after completing their degrees in Canada is to find a job. Although there are plenty of jobs in the medical sector, given the skills of the candidate. Canadian International Medical Graduates can choose from a wide array of job opportunities after completing MBBS in Canada. After completing MBBS in Canada, a general practitioner job can pay up to 1,20,000 CAD to 2,40,000 CAD in general. Some popular job roles after completing your MD or MBBS in Canada.

  • General Practitioner

  • Physician

  • Emergency Department Physician 

  • Specialists 

  • Obstetrician

  • Cardiologist




Q. Is an MBBS degree from India valid in Canada?

A. A medical degree from an Indian institute is valid in Canada. To get a practising license, students need to pass the certification exam of the concerned province through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 

Q. How much does it cost study MBBS in Canada?

A. It can cost ranging from 1,20,000 to 2,40,000 CAD in general.

Q. How can I secure a job in Canada after completing my MBBS?

A. You must follow the points mentioned below to get a job after completing your MBBS in Canada.

  • First, check your eligibility

  • Next, complete your express entry profile

  • Then, receive your Invitation to Apply

  • Submit all the documents required along with the fee payment

  • Then, get your passport signed and visa approved.


Moreover, students who wish to study in Canada may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide the best guidance and support you need to take the admission and visa process. For more information or queries, mail us at or 1800-1230-00011.


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