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The United States (US) hosts some of the world’s most prominent universities. The US’s education system has also set a benchmark for other countries. Apart from this, the practical knowledge, multicultural environment, and scope for personal development that international students get while studying in US are commendable. With the great technological advancement and huge career prospects, many international students are choosing to study MS in USA. MS (Master in Science) is among the top courses that overseas students choose to study in USA.

Benefits of Pursuing MS in USA

US is one of the best countries to study Masters in Science (MS). The duration for MS in US is generally 2 years. Here are some benefits of studying MS in USA:

  • US is home to some of the top research-intensive universities in the world. It offers huge scope to undertake research for Masters in Science (MS) students.

  • Master in Science (MS) is a STEM-accredited course. After completing MS in US, international students get eligible for 3 years of PSW permit.

  • With huge technological advancements, students will gain access to the latest tools & techniques.

  • International students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. This is a great opportunity for them to gain work experience in top companies in the world.

  • With part-time work, students can explore the country’s multicultural environment.

Top Specialisations MS Courses in USA

Pursuing in MS courses allows students to enter in a specific professional career. In the US, research and internships are integral to almost all MS courses. Some of the top specialisations in MS in US are:

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Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MS in US

Before enrolling for MS in US, international students must fulfil the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Students must complete their undergraduate degree with at least 60% score.

  • Internationals must prove their English language skills. They should appear for any of the English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo.

  • To enrol for MS in top US universities, students must have GRE or GMAT certificates with at least 300 scores.

  • Though it is not compulsory that students must have work experience. But, some universities may ask for 2 to 3 years of experience as a mandatory to enrol for certain courses.

Documents Required to Apply for MS in USA

While applying for MS courses in US universities, students must have the following documents:

  • Transcripts of all previous qualifications

  • Updated CV

  • A score of Standardise Admission Test (GRE/ GMAT)

  • Work experience certificate (if applicable)

  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)

  • Proof of funds

Top Universities in US for MS

MS graduates are able to gain quality education from experts. Here is the list of best universities & their specialisations in US for MS courses.


Top Specialisations in MS Course at the University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Political Science

Business Analytics

Technology and Policy

Statistics and Data Science

California Institute of Technology



Space Engineering

Materials Science

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Studies and Earth Science

Yale University

Computer Science

Statistics and Data Science

Environmental Science

Personalized Medicine & Applied Engineering

Public Health


University of Chicago

Biomedical Informatics

Computational Analysis and Public Policy

Computer Science

Data Science

Public Health

Princeton University

Computer Science

Data Science

Atmospheric and Oceanic

Operations Research and Financial

Civil and Environmental

Harvard University


Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Dental Public Health

Applied Mathematics

Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering

Applied Computation

University of Pennsylvania

Computer and Information Science

Data Science

Behavioural and Decision Sciences


Clinical Epidemiology

Stanford University

Computer Science


Political Science

Management Science and Engineering

Physician Assistant Studies

Cornell University

Applied Economics and Management

Business Analytics

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Architectural Design

Columbia University

Applied Analytics, Strategic Communication

Enterprise Risk Management

Sustainability Management


Narrative Medicine

Cost of Studying MS in USA

The cost of studying MS in US varies from course to course and university to university. The average cost range is between 20,000 USD to 45,000 USD per year. Apart from tuition fees, students might also have to pay application charges. The cost of living in US is estimated to be between 10,000 and 18,000 USD in a year.

Scholarships for MS in US for International Students Pursuing

Many international students dream of studying in US, but they might not be able to afford the cost.

A scholarship is a great way to fund your studies and fulfil your dream. It also helps universities to attract talented students from all around the world. Some of the top scholarships in US available for international students. You can check the details below if you want to pursue MS in US.


Offered By

Scholarship Amount

Fulbright Foreign Student Program


8,000 USD*

Merit-based scholarship

Cornell University

15-100% of tuition reduction

Stanford University Scholarship

Stanford University

traveling allowance + academic expenses + tuition fees + living allowance

Yale University Scholarship

Yale University

Varies from a few hundred dollars to 70,000 dollars per year.

Aga Foundation Scholarship

Aga Khan Foundation

50% tuition fee is a grant, and 50% is a loan

AAUW International Fellowship

American Association of University Women

18,000 USD

TATA Scholarship at Cornell University

Tata Education and Development Trust

1.25 million USD*


 Q: IS GRE/ GMAT compulsory to enrol for MS in USA?
A: It is not mandatory to appear for GRE/ GMAT to enrol in all US universities. Many other top-notch universities accept IELTS, TOFEL scores as compulsory criteria.

Q: Which is the most popular specialisation in MS courses in US?
A: The most popular specialisation is MS in data science in US. There are various other in-demand courses as well, including CS/IT, AI, and finance.

Q: What is the duration for MS in USA?
A: The exact duration of MS in US varies from university to university and course to course. Although, most MS courses last for 2 years.

Q: What is the average salary of an MS graduate in US?
A: The average salary of an MS graduate in US is around 94,000 USD per annum.

Q: What is average MS fee in US?
A: The average tuition fee cost of studying MS in US varies from 20,000 USD to 45,000 USD per year.

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