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With the growing number of Multinational Companies and globalisation, Marketing is becoming a famous field for international students. To be a professional in this field, one has to start with the base, and Masters in Marketing is the beginning. The USA is home to some of the top business schools in the world, in which international students choose to enrol for the Marketing course. Also, Marketing is among the top courses international students choose to study in the USA. In this blog, let's explore all the details about Masters in Marketing in USA.


Masters in Marketing Course in USA?


In the USA, international students generally have two options to pursue a specialisation in Marketing, i.e., MS in Marketing and MBA in Marketing. Both degrees last for about 2 years. However, most students choose to study MS in Marketing. The marketing course blends theoretical knowledge with its practical application. The major concepts of the marketing course include social media marketing, sales management, public relations, finance, marketing research, and Communication.

While studying marketing courses, students will gain expertise in the latest ideologies and concepts to analyse and understand customer behaviours for making effective marketing strategies. Merely understanding and formulating marketing strategies is not enough; students will also be trained to work in a variety of organisations and implement advertising and promotional strategies to attract target audiences.


Why Study MS in Marketing in USA?


Undoubtedly, USA is one of the most famous destinations to pursue Master in Marketing and open a pathway to a global career. Some of the top reasons to pursue an MS in marketing USA are:

  • US universities believe in adopting a practical approach to teaching. Many top US universities include internships and industrial visit opportunities with the marketing course curriculum.

  • According to a BLS analysis, the marketing industry is growing now and will increase by 8% by 2028. This increase will enable marketing graduates to find better employment prospects. After completing a master's degree in marketing from the USA, you will have plenty of job opportunities.

  • Most US universities have partnerships with top MNCs, allowing their students to secure well-paid jobs in those companies.

  • The US is one of the safest and most welcoming countries for international students, with a high standard of living.

  • Many US universities offer scholarship opportunities for international students enrolling for Master in marketing courses. The majority of these scholarships cover students' tuition and other fees.

  • Some US universities have STEM accreditation for MS in Marketing courses, which allows students to gain work experience for up to 3 years in the US after completing their degree.


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Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters in Marketing in USA


To pursue a Masters in marketing in USA, international students require a study of 16 years (10+2+4), meaning students must complete 4 years of bachelor's in a relevant field with mathematics and English. Some important eligibility criteria required to enrol for MS in Marketing in US universities are:

  • Minimum 65% to 70% in bachelor's degree (depending upon the university)

  • Minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5 bands with no less than 6 in any module (or equivalent score in other English proficiency tests like TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo)

  • Scores of GMAT or GRE

  • Work experience in a relevant field

NOTE: However, to enrol for MBA in marketing in USA, students require a bachelor degree of only 3 years instead of 4 years.


Documents Required to Enrol for Master in Marketing in USA


While making an application to the University, students require the following documents:


Top Universities for Masters in Marketing


Some of the finest US universities for international students to study MS in Marketing are:

  • Columbia Business School

  • University of Alabama

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • University of Southern California

  • Questrom School of Business, Boston University

  • Purdue University

  • Michigan State University

  • Texas A&M University

  • University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Florida International University


Job Opportunities After Masters in Marketing In USA


The increasingly complex consumer behaviour and growing competition for the best customer services have created a huge demand for marketing personnel. While pursuing a Masters in Marketing, students will be equipped with skills in examining market trends, sales patterns, and strategies to increase sales. Moreover, as compared to any other country, marketing graduates can enjoy high salaries in the USA. Some of the top job roles for Marketing graduates in the USA are:

Job Role

Average Salary

Marketing Director

USD 99,000 per year

Marketing Manager

USD 72000 per year

Marketing Specialist

USD 61,214 per year

Marketing Analyst

USD 59000  per year

Marketing Coordinator

USD 46000 per year

Social Media Marketing Specialist

USD 45,000 per year




Q: What is the cost of studying Master in Marketing in USA?
A: The range of cost of studying Masters in Marketing in US is between 15,000 USD to 45,000 USD

Q: Is GMAT required for Masters in marketing?
A: It is not compulsory to appear for GMAT to enrol for Master in marketing courses in all US universities. However, some top universities in US require a GMAT score while accepting students' applications. Students must score 650+ in GMAT to get admission in the targeted university.

Q: Is GRE required for Masters in marketing?
A: No, it is not necessary to appear for the GRE to enrol in all US universities. However, some universities may require a GRE score. The GRE score required for admission is between 315 to 320.

Q: Is an MS in marketing worth it?
A: Undoubtedly, the USA is one of the best destinations to pursue an MS in marketing since the country has a huge career prospectus for marketing graduates.

Q: Is MS in Marketing a STEM degree?
A: Only some US universities have STEM accreditation for MS in marketing courses.

Q: What is the most popular marketing course in USA?
A: The most popular marketing course in USA that international students choose to pursue their Master in Marketing Management.


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