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Flinders University is a public research university located in Adelaide, South Australia. The university was founded in 1966 and has since grown to become one of the leading universities in Australia. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including business, engineering, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, law, and more.

The university has a strong research focus, and its research efforts are supported by numerous partnerships with industry and government. Flinders University is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for its students, with the goal of producing graduates who are ready to excel in the global job market.


Why Choose the Flinders University Australia?

There are several compelling reasons why students choose to study at Flinders University:

  1. Innovative Teaching and Learning: Flinders University is known for its innovative teaching methods that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. The university strives to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

  2. Research Excellence: The university is recognized for its impactful research in various fields, including health sciences, medicine, environmental science, and social sciences. Engaging in research can provide you with opportunities to contribute to meaningful advancements.

  3. Health and Medical Sciences: Flinders University has a strong focus on health and medical education, offering programs in medicine, nursing, allied health, and public health. The university is affiliated with the Flinders Medical Centre, providing practical clinical experiences.

  4. Personalized Attention: The university's commitment to small class sizes ensures that you receive personalized attention from professors, fostering meaningful interactions and a supportive learning environment.

  5. Practical Learning Opportunities: Many programs integrate practical experiences such as placements, internships, and industry collaborations, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

  6. Industry Connections: Flinders University has strong connections with industries, facilitating networking, internships, and job opportunities for its graduates.

  7. Global Perspective: The university's diverse student body and international partnerships provide opportunities for cultural exchange and a global perspective on various issues.

  8. Beautiful Campus: Flinders University's main campus is situated atop a hill, offering stunning views of the surrounding Adelaide area and creating an inspiring environment for learning.

  9. Flexible Study Options: The university offers flexible study modes, including full-time, part-time, and online options, catering to different learning preferences and lifestyles.

  10. Multidisciplinary Approach: Flinders encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing you to explore connections between different fields and gain a broader understanding of complex issues.

  11. Support Services: The university provides a range of support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and mental health resources, to ensure your success and well-being.

  12. Cultural Opportunities: Adelaide, where Flinders University is located, is a vibrant city known for its arts, culture, and festivals, providing ample opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment.

  13. Environmental Sustainability: The university is committed to sustainability, and its programs and initiatives often reflect a focus on environmental awareness and responsibility.

  14. Alumni Network: Flinders University's alumni network can provide valuable connections, mentorship, and opportunities as you progress in your career.


Key features

Below are some of the Key features of Flinders University:

  1. Innovation and Research: Flinders University has a strong focus on innovation and research, with a variety of research centers and institutes that specialize in areas such as health, social policy, and sustainability.

  2. High-Quality Education: The university offers a range of degree programs across a variety of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on health sciences, social sciences, and engineering. The university is also known for its strong teaching quality.

  3. Student Support: Flinders University provides a range of support services to help students succeed academically and personally. These include academic advising, counseling, tutoring, and resources for students with disabilities.

  4. Collaboration with Industry: The university has collaborations with a range of industries to provide internships, work placements, and research opportunities for students. These partnerships help to ensure that students are well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

  5. Internationalization: Flinders University has a strong commitment to internationalization, with partnerships with universities around the world and a range of study-abroad opportunities for its students.

  6. Sustainability: Flinders University is committed to sustainability in all areas of its operations, with a focus on reducing its carbon footprint, promoting environmental awareness, and promoting sustainable practices throughout the campus community.

  7. Community Engagement: Flinders University is engaged with the local community, with a focus on improving accessibility to education and promoting social equity and diversity. The university hosts a range of events and initiatives that are open to the broader community.

  8. Average Salary: The estimated average full-time salary for undergraduate and postgraduate students is AUD 58,800.

Flinders University Australia Courses & Fees

Flinders University Australia Courses

Flinders University Australia offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs across various disciplines. The tuition fees for these programs vary depending on factors such as the level of study, program of choice, and the nationality of the student.

Following is the general overview of the Flinders University Courses and Flinders University Fees:

Flinders University Australia Tuition Fees & Cost of Living

The tuition fees and cost of living at University vary depending on the level of study, campus location, accommodation options, and personal lifestyle choices

Tuition fees:

  • Application Fees for Undergraduate Programs AUD 60 and Postgraudate Programs AUD 100

  • For undergraduate programs:

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs at Flinders University vary depending on the course of study. Generally, international undergraduate students can expect to pay between AU$28,400 and AU$ 36,200 per year for their tuition fees. 

  • For postgraduate courses:

The tuition fees again vary depending on the program of study. International postgraduate students can expect to pay between AU$28,000 and AU$57,000 per year for their tuition fees.


Cost of living:

The cost of living in Adelaide, where Flinders University is located, is generally more affordable than other major cities in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne. However, the cost of living will vary depending on the student's lifestyle, accommodation choices, and other personal expenses.

Here are some estimated expenses a student can expect:

Cost of Living 


$227 (Per Month)
 $151(Per Month)
$392(Per Month)
Personal  $200 (Per Month)


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Flinders University Rankings & Intakes

Flinders University Rankings

Here are some of the most recent Flinders University Rankings:

Flinders University Ranking

Ranked By 


QS - World University Ranking 2024 


Times Higher Education World University Rankings


US News & World Report - Global Universities 



Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 for Courses 

Ranked By




Social sciences


Clinical and health




Art & humanities 



US News & World Report - Global Universities Rankings 2023 for Courses 

Ranked By




Clinical Medicine 




Neuroscience & Behavior 


Plant & Animal Science 



The Flinders University Australia Intakes

The Flinders University University intakes and deadlines are mentioned in the tables below:

Flinder University Intakes


Application deadline 

Semester 1(26 February)

8 December 

Semester 2 Commencement 1 (22 July) 10 May
Semester 2 Commencement 2 (1 July) 19 April 
Semester 2 Commencement 3 (30 September) 19 July 

Admission Criteria

Flinders University has specific admission criteria for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here are the general requirements:

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Academic Qualifications: Applicants must have completed their secondary education (high school) or equivalent. Satisfactory academic performance is desirable with a minimum GPA expected, but this may vary depending on the course.

  2. English Language Proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language with a minimum overall IELTS score of 6 or equivalent.

  3. Standardized Test Scores: Applicants are expected to take one or more standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, or AP to be considered for admission.

  4. Personal Statement and/or Interview: Some programs require personal statements and/or interviews, where applicants can present their reasons for pursuing the program and demonstrate their academic and professional aspirations.

Postgraduate Programs:

  1. Academic Qualifications: Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent. Satisfactory academic performance in relevant subjects is desirable.

  2. English Language Proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language with a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent.

  3. Standardized Test Scores: Some programs require standardized test scores such as GRE/GMAT/LSAT to be considered for admission.

  4. Work Experience: Work experience relevant to the program being applied to may be required for some programs.


Entry Requirements




Doctorate (PhD)


65-70% in best 4 subjects.

65-70% in best 4 subjects.

65-70% in best 4 subjects.


Overall 6.5

Overall 6.5

Overall 6.5


Overall 79-93

Overall 79-93

Overall 79-93


Overall 58

Overall 58

Overall 58





Work Experience





The overall Flinders University acceptance rate measures the percentage of applicants who are admitted into the university across all programs. As I mentioned earlier, the overall acceptance rate for Flinders University Australia was approximately 62%, meaning that just over two-thirds of applicants were accepted. However, it is important to note that acceptance rates vary significantly across different courses and programs at Flinders University Australia.

Students applying to highly competitive programs or those with limited intake places might find that their acceptance rate is lower than average. Conversely, students applying to less competitive programs might have a higher acceptance rate. Ultimately, acceptance depends on a range of factors, including grades, test scores, academic background, work experience, and other admission requirements.

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Flinders University Australia Scholarships

Flinders University Australia offers a range of scholarships to support international students. Below are some of the Flinders University scholarships:

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Flinders University Go Beyond Scholarship $50,000
2 Vice-Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship 50% of tuition fees
3 Flinders University Student Exchange Scholarship up to $5,000


The cost of tuition at Flinders University can vary depending on the program and level of study. For undergraduate international students, fees range from $26,400 to $36,900 per year. For postgraduate international students, fees can range from $28,200 to $44,800 per year.

Yes, there are several scholarships available for international students at Flinders University, including the Flinders University Go Beyond Scholarship, Vice-Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship, and many more. The value of each scholarship varies depending on the program, level, and eligibility.

Yes, international students can work up to 48 hours per two-week period during university semesters and full-time during university breaks. The current minimum wage rate in Australia is $23.23 AUD per hour.

Admission requirements for international students typically involve meeting specific English language requirements, providing certified academic transcripts, and submitting a personal statement outlining relevant educational and work experience.

Yes, Flinders University offers a range of accommodation options for students, including on-campus apartments, homestays, and other private rental options. The cost of accommodation can vary depending on the type and location.

Flinders University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across faculties and disciplines, including health sciences, law, business, engineering, education, and humanities.

Student life at Flinders University is vibrant and active, with a range of clubs, societies, and events organized by the Flinders University Student Association (FUSA). Students can participate in sports, cultural activities, volunteer programs, and social events both on and off campus.

Yes, Flinders University offers several online courses and programs across different disciplines, providing flexibility and convenience for students to learn at their own pace.

Flinders University is known for its high-quality teaching and research standards, consistently ranking highly in various national and international university rankings.

Yes, Flinders University offers international exchange programs with partner universities around the world. Students can undertake short-term or semester-long study programs and receive credit towards their Flinders degree.

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