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The Canada Visit Visa is a simple visa that allows you to visit Canada for up to six months. The two types of Canada visas that are available in Canada are single entrance and multiple entry visas. With a single-entry visa, foreign nationals may only visit Canada once. While the visa is valid, the holder of a multiple entry visa can come and go as often as they choose. You do not need to choose the type of visitor visa you wish to apply for; all applications are automatically considered for multiple entry visas, and single-entry visas are only granted in extraordinary situations. Multiple entry visitor visas allow the holder to visit Canada as many times as they like for as long as the visa is valid. It can only be used for recreation or tourism.  This visa does not allow you to work or apply for work.  You are welcome to bring your dependents and children with you.  The visit visa is usually issued 27 days after the application is submitted.

Documents Required for a Visa to Canada

Requirements for application of tourist visa for Canada are mentioned below:

  • A valid passport has a six-month or longer expiry date.
  • Documents demonstrating sufficient ties to your home nation.
  • Financial records demonstrate that you have the finances to support yourself while in Canada.
  • If you intend to stay with your relatives, you will need a letter of invitation from them.
  • If you need to get a medical clearance certificate before your travel, bring it with you.

Moreover, those who need a visitor visa to enter Canada can apply online, by mail, or in person at a Visa Application Center (VAC). If you're traveling as a family, you'll need to fill out a separate application for each family member, including children under the age of 18. However, you have the option of submitting all of the applications at the same time. Applicants may be required to submit biometric data in their application, depending on their country of citizenship.

Canada Tourist/ Visitor Visa Fees

A visa fee is charged for each Canada Visitor Visa application. In order to finish his visitor application process successfully, the applicant must pay the visa fees. Visa fees can be paid online with a credit card or in-person in the applicant's home country's local currency.

Visa Application Visa Fees (Canadian Currency)
  Application Fees Biometric Fees
Individual Application  100 Dollars 85 Dollars
Family Application (with at least 5 or more family members) 500 Dollars 170 Dollar (for a family of 2 or more members)



So as to get the visa issued the applicant must qualify the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have adequate amount funds to maintain themselves and their families for the duration of their vacation to Canada. 
  • Applicants must not intend to work while on a tourist visa in Canada.
  • Applicants should have no criminal history and intend to follow all of the country's laws.
  • Applicants who want to stay with relatives or friends should additionally produce letters of invitation from their sponsor.
  • A temporary residence visa may be required for applicants from specific countries.
  • Depending on your profile, you may need to meet additional entrance requirements.

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