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Clarification on UK PSW Guidelines

As you all know, the UK president Boris Jonson has resigned and now the new president will be appointed. There is a high chance that either Rishi Sunak or Truss will be the new president. Due to the resignation of Boris Jonson, many students are having doubts that there will be changes in the immigration policies in UK. They have predicted that whosoever will be the president, whether Rishi Sunak or Truss, the UK will not remain an immigration-friendly country now and their major concern is that, PSW (post-study work) permit will be stopped.

The news is true that the UK will not remain an immigration-friendly country in the coming days but only for illegal immigrants who are going to UK through the European countries by illegal means and there are no changes in PSW as of now. The changes in the immigration policies are required because after reaching to UK, these people are seeking asylum. Asylum is sought by those people who illegally move to another country due to threats in their own country. After moving to another country, these people request to become the refuge and have citizenship of that country.

However, these asylum laws are introduced by the government of UK so that the people who actually have a threat in their own country will be able to come to another country, which was also correct from the point of human rights.

But many people have started misusing the asylum law. There are many immigrants who go to countries like in UK and Canada illegally and are trying to misuse the laws. The UK has been trying to reform the broken immigration laws for a very long time but will be taking the move now and will be strengthening immigration enforcement. To avoid this misuse of asylum law, the UK government is about to bring changes in the policies.

The UK said that if any person really has a threat in their own country, then they can definitely go to UK for help, but they aren’t allowed to remain in UK. Instead, they will be given separate spaces in the African country where they can stay safe and secure.

Also, one of the big reasons for this move is that skilled people should be given priority, especially in UK. As after Brexit, UK has a huge demand for skilled workers, and the PSW permit on UK visas will continue to remain. And there is no change in the policy of PSW till the UK recovers fully from the Brexit and has enough skilled workers available in UK.

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