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Visa appointment slots for Italy

Italy has some top-class universities, providing quality education to students. The Italian university among one of the most affordable or low fees hubs for education. This is one of the core reasons that international students choose to study in Italy. 

In order to study an Italian University firstly, the students have to fill the application form of the university. As soon as the university sends the confirmation form to the students, they have to apply for a student visa for Italy.

 There are three consulates in India for the Italian visa that is in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The students from the northern region who wish to study in Italy, have to apply for a visa appointment at the Delhi consulate. But recently the students are facing the problem due to the unavailability of the slots for the visa appointment at Delhi consulate. The tip for this problem is, to prefer to apply on the off hours that is either late night or early morning as there is more chance to get the slot at that time. But at the Kolkata and Mumbai consulate, the visa appointment are easily available and the students can apply for it easily. 

Also, this is the right time for the students who have different DOV consulates and visa filing consulates to apply for the DOV appointment. The DOV appointment slots are available at all three consulates as well as at the sub-VFS offices. The DOV takes 15 days to 1 month to come. After DOV you can further apply for visa from your home consulate. 

For more information, regarding the admission in Europian Universities, the students may contact to Meridean Overseas Education Consultant (MOEC). As we provide the best consultancy and support to students who wish to study abroad. For further queries, you can also mail to application02@meridean.org or you can call at toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011 


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