University of Leeds Courses and fees

University of Leeds Courses

The University of Leeds UK offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various academic disciplines, such as Arts, Humanities, Business, Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Sciences. The tuition fee varies depending on the course, mode of study, and nationality. 

Here are the estimated tuition fees for some of the popular courses:


Undergraduate Courses:

- Arts and Humanities: £18,750-£20,500 per year

- Business: £21,000 per year

- Engineering and Technology: £25,000 - £26,250 per year

- Law: £21,000 per year

- Medicine and Health: £34,500-£38,000 per year

- Sciences: £23,000-£25,500 per year


Postgraduate Courses:

- Arts and Humanities: £8,750-£25,000

- Business: £21,000-£29,000

- Engineering and Technology: £24,000-£28,750

- Law: £15,500-£24,500

- Medicine and Health: £19,500-£29,500

- Sciences: £17,750-£24,500

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