Scholarships at University of Gibraltar, UK


HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships
Scholarship Name HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships
Scholarship amount Variable

British citizens and other EU nations who have lived in Gibraltar for at least five years are eligible for HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships. They are typically qualified to apply for the (HM) Government of Gibraltar's 'Mandatory' or 'Discretionary' awards.

Europa Scholarships
Scholarship Name Europa Scholarships
Scholarship amount £6,000 per annum.

Renowned scholarships that are awarded for academic excellence and are competitive.
All overseas students are eligible to apply for Europa Scholarships.

Europa Bursaries
Scholarship Name Europa Bursaries
Scholarship amount £3,000 per annum.

Extracurricular activities such as community engagement or other characteristics indicative of global citizenship are competitive and merit-based awards. All overseas students are eligible for Europa Bursaries.

Parasol Scholarships
Scholarship Name Parasol Scholarships
Scholarship amount Variable

These scholarships will be awarded to exceptional students who are unable to pay for their university education. For preliminary evaluation and verification of good academic qualifications, a first income household assessment is necessary.
These scholarships normally pay the whole cost of a program's tuition and may also cover the cost of living expenses.

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