Scholarships at University of Bedfordshire, UK


Scholarships for Luton and Bedford 2013/14.
Scholarship Name Scholarships for Luton and Bedford 2013/14.
Scholarship amount £600

On full payment of the stated price before or during registration, full-time undergraduate students will receive a discount of £600 whether they begin their studies in year one or are accepted for advanced entrance into year 2. Every year of study will be eligible for this discount. Students approved for advanced admission into year 3 of a full-time undergraduate programme are eligible for a £500 discount when the stated price is paid in full before or at registration.

Alumni Loyalty Scholarship
Scholarship Name Alumni Loyalty Scholarship
Scholarship amount £500

A £500 alum discount is offered to the University of Bedfordshire overseas fee- paying students who progress from Undergraduate courses to Postgraduate courses.

International Scholarships
Scholarship Name International Scholarships
Scholarship amount Up to £1,000

International students who are registered in undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs' will only be awarded a £1,000 VC Scholarship for their first year. In the new program's first year, an international student who advances to a higher degree will be given a £1,000 VC Scholarship and a £500 alum discount. For early full payment of the first year fees before or upon registration (undergraduate and postgraduate), additional reductions of £500 are offered.

Merit Scholarship
Scholarship Name Merit Scholarship
Scholarship amount £2,400 for 60%+ average marks in high school (or equivalent)

For undergraduates with an entry qualification score of 112 UCAS tariff points or more, or equivalent, the scholarship is worth £2,400 over 3 academic years.

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