List of Courses at University of Bedfordshire, UK

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Strength & Conditioning
Social Studies
Clinical Exercise Therapy
Health & Social Care
Criminology & Sociology
Child & Adolescent Studies
Psychology & Criminal Behaviour
Performing Arts
Psychology, Counselling & Therapies
Psychology & Criminal Behaviour (top-up)
Music Technology
Media Production
Media Production (Radio)
Dance & Professional Practice
Film Production
Media Performance for Film TV & Theatre
Film & TV Production
Pharmacology & Health Science
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences
Forensic Science & Criminology
Human Bioscience with Enterprise
Forensic Science
Environmental Health Science
Food & Nutrition Science
Biomedical Science
Biological Science
Behavioural Science in Health
Law with Psychology
Law with Criminology
Nursing studies
English Literature & TEFL
English Literature
English Language & Literature
English Language & Linguistics
English Language & TEFL
Education & TEFL
Special Needs & Inclusive Education
Education Studies & English
Early Years Education
Education with Psychology
Television Production
Early Childhood Education
Sport Journalism
Media Communications
Media, Marketing & Public Relations
Creative Writing
Creative Writing & Journalism
Product Design
Telecommunications & Network Engineering
Software Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Construction Management
Computer Science
Information Technology
Computer Networking
Computer Games Development
Business Information Systems
Automotive Engineering BEng
Computer Animation & Visual Effects
Building Technology
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Marketing with International Tourism Management
Travel, Aviation & Tourism Management
Marketing with Aviation & Airport Management
International Tourism with Hospitality Management
International Tourism with Events Management
International Tourism Management
Events Management
Aviation & Airport Management
Advertising & Marketing Communications
International Business
Human Resources Management with Law
Human Resource Management
Business Studies with Finance BSc
Business Studies with Marketing
Business Studies
Business Management with Law
Business Management
Business Administration
International Finance & Banking
Economics & Finance
Business Economics
Accounting & Finance
Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Art & Design
Advertising & Branding
Strength & Conditioning
Physical Education & Sport (Pedagogy and Leadership)
Physical Activity, Nutrition & Behaviour Change
Sport and Physical Activity (Leadership and Management)
Clinical Exercise Physiology
International Social Welfare and Social Development
Human Rights and Social Enterprise
Childhood & Youth: Applied Perspectives
Forensic Psychology
Health Psychology
Screen Performance & Communication Techniques
Applied Psychology (Conversion)
Dance Performance & Choreography
Microbiology in Public Health
Forensic Analysis
Pharmacology with Project Management
Pharmacology with Data Analytics
Creative Digital Film Production
Food Security in Public Health
Biotechnology with Project Management
Environmental Management
Biotechnology with Data Analytics
Biomedical Engineering
International Oil & Gas Law LLM
International Commercial & Dispute Resolution Law LLM
International Business with Law
International Business Law LLM
Public Health
Advanced Nursing Studies
English Literature
Applied Linguistics (TESOL)
International Education (English Language Teaching)
International Education (Leadership and Administration)
International Education (Teaching)
Mass Communications with Project Management
Television Production
Education (Social Justice)
Mass Communications
Mass Communications with Data Analytics
International Journalism with Project Management
International Journalism
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering & Applications with Project Management
International Journalism with Data Analytics
Software Engineering & Applications
Cyber Security with Project Management
Electronic Engineering with Project Management
Cyber Security
Electronic Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Networking with Project Management
Computer Science with Project Management
Automotive Engineering for Electric Vehicles
Computer Networking
Applied Computing & Information Technology with Project Management
Applied Computing & Information Technology
Digital Marketing
International Tourism Planning & Management
Sustainable Management
Events Management
Purchasing Logistics & Supply Chain Management with Data Analytics
Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Project Management with Data Analytics
Project Management
Master in Business Administration with Data Analytics
International Human Resource Management
International Business with Data Analytics
International Relations Management
Business Administration (Oil & Gas Management)
International Business
Information Systems Management
Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
Business Administration (Marketing)
Business Administration (Finance)
Business Administration (Hospital & Health Services Management)
Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
Business Administration (Digital Technology Management)
International Finance & Banking
Business Administration
Accounting & Business Finance with Data Analytics
Financial Risk Management
Financial Economics
Accounting & Business Finance
Art & Design with Project Management
Art & Design with Data Analytics
Art & Design
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