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Do you want to pursue an MBA? Well, it enhances your career, develops essential business skills, and also leads to personal growth. Upon that, MBA universities in UK offer you global business exposure, rich cultural experience, a diverse learning environment, and valuable international work experience.


Today, we will walk you through the top MBA colleges in UK for Indian students in 2024, along with applications, finances, and career opportunities.


Why Study MBA in the UK?

There are many reasons for choosing your Masters of Business Administration in the UK. So take a look and explore them before moving to top MBA colleges in UK.

  • Quality Education: UK universities are celebrated for their academic excellence, with faculty comprising esteemed scholars and industry experts, ensuring a rich educational experience.

  • Efficient Programs: The MBA courses in the UK are intensive, usually lasting one year, allowing for a quicker switch to professional life.

  • Diverse Specializations: A wide range of specialisations keeps UK MBA curricula aligned with evolving business trends.

  • Career Support: Career counselling and the ability to work part-time provide professional growth and financial benefits.


Eligibility and Admission Requirements

Now that you know why you should study MBA in UK, let’s understand what you need to apply to the best MBA colleges in UK for Indian students. Essential eligibility criteria and documents required for studying for an MBA over here typically include:

  1. Undergraduate Degree: A recognised degree with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5/4.0 or 60% and above.

  2. Test Scores: A GMAT of 650+ or GRE with 160 in Verbal and Quantitative is required.

  3. Work Experience: 3+ years preferred, but only sometimes mandatory.

  4. English Proficiency: IELTS scores needed between 6.0 and 7.5, or a TOEFL score of 110.

  5. Passport & Visa: Valid documents with visa applications must be submitted 3 months before travel.

Further, you must submit transcripts, CV/Resume, LORs, SOP, test scorecards, proof of work experience, proof of funds, and a personal write-up.


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Top MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students

Now that you know about MBA in UK eligibility. Have a detailed look at each university and its unique aspects of business management programs.

  • London Business School (LBS): Ranked 5th globally, LBS is known for its flexible and internationally-focused MBA program. The program offers a deep dive into global business strategies and leadership skills, with opportunities for international exchanges and a diverse peer group from various industries and backgrounds.

  • University of Cambridge (Judge): At 12th in the rankings, Judge Business School provides a one-year MBA emphasising innovation and entrepreneurship. It's distinguished by its 'Cambridge Venture Project,' which allows students to work closely with startups and established firms.

  • University of Chicago (Booth): Booth, ranked 13th, is renowned for its disciplined approach to education with an emphasis on analysing problems from a data-driven perspective. It provides students with a flexible curriculum that stresses the fundamentals of business.

  • University of Oxford (Said): Said, holding the 16th position, is recognised for its 1+1 MBA program, combining general management education with specialised master’s degrees in areas such as social impact and global healthcare.

  • Imperial College Business School: At 21st, Imperial integrates its strong engineering and science roots into its MBA curriculum, providing a unique angle on innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in tech-related industries.

  • Warwick Business School: Ranked 35th, Warwick is notable for its Distance Learning MBA. It offers a strong suite of courses in strategy and consulting, appealing to professionals who wish to upgrade their skills without interrupting their careers.

  • University of Manchester (Alliance): At 47th, Alliance MBS is characterised by the "Manchester Method", focusing on team projects and real-world learning, thus preparing students for the complexities of modern business management.

  • University of Edinburgh: Holding the 56th rank, Edinburgh’s MBA is celebrated for its internationalism and is particularly strong in areas such as strategic leadership and entrepreneurship.

  • Cranfield School of Management: Ranked 87th, Cranfield is known for its leadership-focused MBA, deeply embedded in personal development and executive management skills.

  • Durham University: At 94th, Durham provides a research-led MBA emphasising sustainable business practices that align with modern-day needs for corporate responsibility.


Application Process for Top MBA Colleges in UK

Now that you have a good understanding of top MBA colleges in UK, you also need to understand the steps to follow in order to apply over here.

  1. You need to show your previous education in the business management stream and pick one of the top MBA colleges in UK that excels in that domain.

  2. You must collect the required detailed eligibility and application documents, like transcripts, CV, IELTS/TOEFL, and GMAT/GRE scorecards, for your admission to your desired university or college. 

  3. After filling out your application details, you are now ready to pay your application fee. 

  4. Further to the application, you must go through the interview process with the respective university directors, which is a great opportunity to show your skills.

  5. Following interview clearance, you will now be receiving a conditional offer letter. So you can book your seat at your desired university.  


Cost of Studying and Living in the UK

Now, let’s move on to know the cost of studying for an MBA in the UK and calculating the total cost of an MBA in the UK concerns peeking at two main types: tuition fees and living expenses, each influenced by various factors.

  • Tuition Fees: This is the primary educational expense and differs based on the chosen institution and the specific MBA program. Top MBA colleges in UK may offer a general MBA for lower fees, while specialised programs like finance or international business might come with a higher price tag. On average, you might expect to pay between £21,916 and £100,000 annually. 

  • Living Expenses: In the UK, monthly living costs for international students, covering accommodation, meals, transportation, academic materials, and personal spending, range from £289 to £454 but can rise with a more upscale lifestyle or in costlier cities like London.


When planning for an MBA in the UK, it's crucial to budget for these expenses, considering both the necessary academic fees and the cost of living while you study.



To conclude, studying at top MBA colleges in UK presents you with a unique blend of world-class education, diverse specialisations, and excellent career opportunities. After careful consideration of MBA in UK requirements, MBA in UK fees and more, you can pursue a transformative journey over there.


We hope you had fun reading about the top MBA colleges in UK. So, are you ready to start your study abroad journey to the UK? If yes, then we encourage you to speak with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).


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Q1. What is the demand for an MBA in UK?

A. Top MBA colleges in UK offer you a world-class education, training and work prospects. Graduating from here will lead you to highly demanding positions in the job market.


Q2. Do you need work experience to pursue an MBA in UK?

A. Yes, postgraduate programs in business management stream by top MBA colleges in UK require a minimum work experience of 3 years marked as compulsory admission criteria.


Q3. What are the academic eligibility criteria for studying MBA in UK for Indian students?

A. You must have a recognised bachelor’s degree with a high GPA, satisfactory English proficiency band scores, and the GMAT or GRE.


Q4. What are the job prospects after completing an MBA in UK?

A. Graduates typically enjoy excellent job prospects, with myriad roles in finance, consulting, technology, and healthcare, along with competitive salaries in UK.


Q5. Which are the best mba colleges in uk for indian students?

A. Top MBA providers include London Business School, Oxford's Said, Cambridge's Judge, and Imperial College Business School, each offering unique strengths like entrepreneurship, finance, and international business. 

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