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Intakes in Germany for Indian Students 2023-24


20 September 2023



There are several benefits of studying in Germany, such as low to no tuition fees, an array of courses in top-class universities, and affordable living. These benefits make Germany a top choice as a study-abroad destination among international students.


Are you also considering studying in Germany? Then, it is essential to know about intakes in Germany for international students. This blog renders information about intakes in Germany and the process of applying for these intakes. Now, let us begin with determining the type of intakes in Germany:


Intakes in Germany for International Students

Universities in Germany accept applications mainly through two intakes: Summer and Winter intakes. Both these intakes in Germany have equal footing on academic grounds, yet Winter intake in Germany is regarded as a primary session for applicants.


International students can apply to most of the programmes during this intake, wherein July-August remains the deadline for the application. However, Summer intake in Germany with the December-January deadline also facilitates international students to study in Germany.


Most Germany intakes for applying to postgraduate and undergraduate programmes have a start and end date. Hence, international students striving to study in Germany must begin preparing a year prior to the opening of the application period.


Applications can be submitted either through the Uni-assist portal or directly to the university. Further, brief information on intakes in Germany for international students for Masters and Machelors programmes is provided in the table below.



DURATION (varies as per universities)




(Classes roughly start from April 15th )

April 1–September 31



Secondary intake



(Classes roughly start from October 15th)

October 1–March 31



Primary intake  

Summer Intake in Germany: Key Details and Process to Apply

The following timeline and actions need to be considered in order to apply for Summer intake in Germany.


Steps to take


Students must take English proficiency exams such as IELTS and TOFEL or TestDaf or TELC along with other competitive exams, namely GMAT and GRE, to study in Germany. 

October – December

Start preparing your SOPs while also working towards arranging the LORs. Students need to contact their supervisors and professors to obtain LORs. 

December – January

Now, you can apply to your desired German university and wait for admission.

Further, pay the enrollment fees and other deposits after receiving admission confirmation from the applied university.   

January – February

The next steps involve applying for a student visa, scholarships and student loans. However, it is important to follow all guidelines concerning the letter to eradicate all potential chances of visa refusal in Germany. 

March – April

Ensure that you travel one month prior to Germany intake process for a timely arrangement of accommodation and other necessities.

Further, we have prepared a precise list of universities and corresponding deadlines for Summer Intake in Germany as follows:

German University 

Summer Deadlines 2023-24

Technical University of Munich

May 19

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

January 15

Universität Heidelberg

October 1-November 15

Freie Universität Berlin

January 15 (for UG programmes only)

RWTH Aachen University

January 15

Winter Intake in Germany: Key Details and Process to Apply

International students seeking admission to Winter Intake in Germany need to follow the timeline and course of actions elaborated in the table below:


Steps to take 


Students must take GMAT/GRE tests or TOEFL, IELTS along with German (TestDaf, TELC) minimum 2-3 month before the deadline for application for ensuring that there is an adequate time to reappear for the test in case of low score.

May – June

International students must start preparing SOPs and requesting LORs by giving proper time to these documents, as they are the most pivotal documents during the admission process. 

Moreover, students should focus on developing the SOP by conducting extensive research and including personalised information. 

July – August

Most universities have July-August application deadlines for Winter Intake in Germany. Hence, students must prepare for an online or offline interview during this duration. 

August – September:

As soon as you have an acceptance letter from the university, immediately apply for a student visa. The whole process may take around three months. Also, be aware of the enrollment deadlines and apply for scholarships and student loans as per your requirement for studying in Germany. 


Make sure you arrive one month before the beginning of your semester for a smooth accommodation process. 

Further, we have compiled a brief list of universities and the respective deadlines for postgraduate programmes for Winter Intake in Germany. Let’s check it out.

German University 

Winter Deadlines 2023-24

Technical University of Munich


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Universität Heidelberg

May 1 to June 15

Freie Universität Berlin

May 31

RWTH Aachen University

July 15

Overall, out of Summer and Winter Intake in Germany, the Winter intake is deemed to be the primary intake as the majority of German universities invite applicants for PG and UG programmes. Moreover, deadlines for applicants can vary according to the chosen course and the university in Germany.



Q. How many intakes are there in Germany for international students?

A. Summer (April) and winter (September/October) are two intakes in Germany for international students, wherein Winter intake is considered the primary intake in Germany that ends in February or March, depending on courses.


Q. Which intake is the best for Germany?

A. Both summer and winter intakes are good for candidates willing to apply and take admission to German universities. Still, winter intake is more beneficial due to the vast array of courses and universities available in this intake.


Q. When can I start submitting my summer intake applications?

A. You can submit it between October and December.


Q. When is winter intake in Germany?

A. September/October denotes winter intake in Germany, wherein most universities in Germany set application deadlines in July/August months for this intake.



As a whole, it is deduced from the information rendered in this blog that Summer and Wintake are the two main intakes in Germany for international students. Yet, it is important to know the deadlines of German universities for both Germany intakes. The blog elucidated the timeline and steps for admission in either of the two intakes.


Thus, make sure you choose the right intake by following the proper guidelines and timeline to further secure a study visa in Germany and accomplish your academic endeavours.


Hope this blog rendered adequate information about intakes in Germany, their deadline and the process or steps to apply. However, you can contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) for more queries. You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors can also help you with SOP, visa application and scholarship application submission. For more information or any queries, mail us at or call us at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011.

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