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Do you know that IELTS TRF is a certificate given to test-takers with the overall score and the band score for reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections? The TRF IELTS demonstrates a person's English language competency to organisations, immigration offices, and educational institutions.


In this blog, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with all the necessary details about IELTS TRF 2024. So, rest assured, you're in the right place to get fully informed. 

What is IELTS TRF (Test Report Form)?

The IELTS TRF full form is the Test Report Form, which is a copy of an applicant's IELTS exam result. Every applicant is issued only one IELTS TRF, which is valid for two years. If students are applying to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) or UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency), then they are given two copies of TRF.


ielts trf full form


The first five Test Report Forms(TRFs) are processed without any charges; these five TRFs are for the educational institutions that you mention on your application form at the time of your IELTS registration.


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The TRF IELTS will be available 13 days after taking the paper-based test and 3 to 5 days after taking the computer-delivered test. If you take the Life Skills A1 or B1 test, then you can get the TRF 7 days after the test. You can collect your TRF from the IDP test centre by providing proof of identity that you used while registering or by downloading the IELTS TRF from the official website.


The IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is now an eTRF and can be downloaded online. The following steps will help you understand how to download your eTRF:


  • Visit the IDP IELTS India official website

  • Go to the Login Tab and then to Candidate Login

  • Once you are Logged In, you will see an auto pop-up that will provide you with information about your IELTS score.

  • You can download the Result Feedback as a PDF

  • Once you click on close, you can scroll down and click on View eTRF under the Declared Result column

  • From there, you can directly print or download the eTRF 

IELTS Test Report Form Verification

Universities, colleges, immigration authorities, and other institutions verify the validity of test results through the IELTS Test Report Form verification process. The online IELTS Test Report Form verification site will be used to evaluate the candidates' IELTS results. 


Organisations can use this free service to confirm whether or not the applicant is submitting an authentic TRF. Enrolling the organisation in the IELTS results verification service is the first step in the IELTS TRF verification procedure. Organisations can then download the candidates' IELTS results online using their TRF number.


Following are the steps that organisations need to perform to verify the TRF:

  1. Visit

  2. Insert the login ID and password you received to the email address you registered with.

  3. Select ‘TRF Query’ from the menu to verify the TRF.

  4. Enter the TRF number at the bottom right corner of the test report form.

  5. Click verify and view the TRF to see whether it matches the provided TRF.

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What is an Additional Test Report Form (ATRF)?

No extra fees are needed to process the first five Test Report Forms (TRF). However, the candidate must choose Additional Test Report Forms (ATRF), available for a fee if they wish to submit their results to additional colleges and universities. Please note that applications submitted offline, in person, for the ATRF are no longer accepted as of February 1, 2020. For the following reasons, only applications submitted online are accepted:

  • Doing away with the requirement of visiting any IDP branch

  • No delay in courier time

  • ATRFs are acknowledged instantaneously via email

  • The processing time of applications gets reduced


The institution will receive the first five electronic extra TRFs at no cost, but there will be additional costs for courier and international postage services. If you require more than five copies of the ATRF, an administration fee of INR 250 may be imposed. The additional TRF request will be processed in five to ten business days.


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The IELTS score report is authentic and cannot be altered. To prevent fraudulent activity, a photograph of the applicant who has taken the test is included in the TRF. Educational institutions will verify the TRF IELTS for authenticity, so it’s important to be familiar with the details contained in the TRF certificate. 


Check the following IELTS TRF sample to know the details that are included:

  • Test type: Academic or General Training

  • Test centre number

  • Test date

  • Candidate Number

  • Candidate Details: Name, Date of Birth, Contact details, ID details

  • Test results: Overall band score and scores of

  • listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

  • IELTS test report form number 


How do you send your IELTS score to an Educational Institution?

Candidates can submit their IELTS results to five different institutions within a month of the exam date. The scores are sent to the institutions by courier, normal mail, email, or international postage.


A candidate must submit an online request through the IELTS IDP website if they would like to apply for more than five TRFs. There is an INR 250 fee for each institution. Depending on the option selected by the candidate, the scores are either physically or electronically transmitted to the institutions. The candidates must pay an additional courier fee of INR 1500 for the physical option.


However, institutions and employers that have subscribed to IELTS can access a candidate’s TRF online. They do not require original copies of the TRFs.


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How do you track the IELTS TRF?

You can track the status of your IELTS TRF by contacting the test centre where you took the exam. They will provide you with information on when you can expect the TRF. If you took the paper-based exam, you can track the IELTS TRF after the 13th day of the date. If you took the computer-delivered test, you can track it within 3-5 days, and students who have taken Life Skills can track it within 7 days of the test dates. You can go to the official webpage of the IDP, login, and download the eTRF or visit the test centre by providing your identity.


To sum up, the Test Report Form, or TRF, is a copy of your IELTS results. Each candidate is issued only one TRF, which is valid for two years. Candidates can receive one copy of the TRF until they apply for (CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). Regular postage is free; extra charges for courier services and/or international shipping may be passed on to customers.


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Question: What is TRF in IELTS?

Answer: The IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is a certificate that includes the test takers' IELTS scores. It serves as documentation for the organisation requesting an IELTS score to determine the student's level of English language competence.


Question: Can I get my IELTS TRF online?

Answer: Your TRF can be picked up at the testing facility, mailed, or downloaded from the official website. Your test centre won't send you your results via fax, phone, or email.


Question: Does the IELTS score change in TRF?

Answer: Your score is less likely to fluctuate in the online results. Only if there is a typing error in the score when it is posted may your IELTS score be altered in TRF. You can request an Inquiry on Results or a review of your IELTS results if you are unhappy with your score.


Question: Why have my IELTS results been withheld or delayed?

Answer: Your IELTS results are being withheld for the reasons listed below:

  • If the IELTS test partners choose to evaluate any test-related topic, your results cannot be released 13 days following the test date. You might need to retake one or more IELTS sections in specific circumstances.

  • If any anomalies are found, your results can be cancelled.

  • Your initial test result may be cancelled if any information on the Test Report Form that you or your agent submitted to organisations has been changed in any manner.


Question: How can I get my IELTS score report?

Answer: Your score is automatically reported ; hence, and hence, you don't have to take any additional steps to report it. 


Question: How many IELTS TRFs can be processed without any additional charges?

Answer: Five IELTS TRFs can be processed without charge. They are meant for the institutions mentioned on your IELTS application form.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Question: What is IELTS ATRF?

Answer: If you would like to submit your results to more universities after the first five IELTS TRFs have been processed, you can apply for IELTS ATRFs or Additional Test Report Forms. There will be a fee for IELTS ATRF.


Question: How do I download TRF?


  • Follow the below steps to IELTS TRF download:

  • Login at with the email ID that you provided while applying.

  • Then, click Download Results.

  • Please select the date you took the test. You must also select a range of dates for the results.

  • Choose the format, which is CSV or XML.

  • Click Submit. Now, your results will be dispatched to the institution within the range of dates you specified.


Question: How is IELTS TRF verified?

Answer: An online verification technique is used to confirm IELTS TRF. Your TRF numbers can be used to complete the verification.


Question: How can I get my IELTS TRF?

Answer: The IELTS Test Report is available via mail order or in person at the testing location. The eTRF is also available for download from the IDP website. Students can access the results of the online IELTS test electronically.

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