5 Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

5 Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships for Indian Students


22 March 2022



Education abroad is a fascinating experience, so it is no surprise that study abroad for Indian students is an important concept. A major pull factor is the large number of specializations offered at universities abroad. With more courses being introduced regularly in universities, here are the 5 best study abroad programs for Indian students.

5 Study Abroad Programs

  1. Data Science

  2. MBA

  3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  4. Engineering

  5. Project management


Indian Government Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Amount – The maximum amount of scholarship awarded is USD 100,000.

  • Requirements – Students applying for the scholarship must be citizens of India and have a good first degree from a recognized Indian university. They must also be under the age of 30 and have been admitted to a reputable institution.

  • Other Details – This scholarship is for students applying to North American or European universities. It is reserved for students applying to courses such as Architecture, Applied Arts and Conservation, Business Administration, Communications (Film, Television, and Journalism), Design and Fashion Design, Fine Arts, theater and dance, special education and law, music and composition. The deadline to apply for this study abroad scholarship is month of April.


Government of India National Scholarship Program Abroad

  • Amount – This Indian government scholarship for postgraduate study abroad covers tuition fees as well as other study expenses such as provident allowance, maintenance, travel expenses and others.

  • Requirements - The scholarship is awarded to candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Belong to scheduled castes, denitrified nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, landless agricultural workers and traditional craftsmen.

  • Achieved 55% marks in under-graduation (for those applying for a master's degree) or 55% in post-graduation (for those applying for a doctorate).

  • Be under 35 years old.

  • Have a combined family income of less than Rs. 6, 00,000.

  • Not have more than one sibling awarded the same scholarship.

  • Other Details – This government scholarship is for students applying for Masters and PhD in the following fields: Engineering and Management; Pure sciences and applied sciences; agricultural sciences and medicine; International Trade, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Data Science

Every business imaginable is now dependent on data, so there is a huge demand for people with these analytical skills and so data scientists are in high demand.
Students with strong skills in statistics and computer science are easily attracted to the field. Concepts of database management, data mining, big data analysis, and much more are taught in these programs.
Lucrative job opportunities are the major benefits of pursuing this course.
Study abroad destinations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are the best places to study abroad for this program.



Over the years, a large number of courses have come and gone, but the appeal of an MBA program has remained intact. Studying an MBA abroad has been on the wish list of a large number of students.
The international nature of an MBA program allows students not only to pursue careers in business, but also in other fields where management skills are essential.
To study an MBA abroad, students must in some cases take the GRE or GMAT.
Destinations such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are revered for an MBA program abroad.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Breakthrough technology that includes AI and ML is increasingly being used by businesses to improve their customer service. Thus, the career opportunities offered are numerous.
From building intelligent machines to using algorithms, these courses provide its students with a wide range of topics to cover.
Students are attracted to American Universities, Irish Universities and Australian Universities to study this course.
This course is also expected to have immense importance in the future and hence a large number of students are drawn to it.



Engineering is one such discipline that has also held prominence over the years. A vast field of study, it covers mechanical, industrial, automotive, computer, electronic, and chemical components to name a few.
These professionals are in high demand worldwide. Earning an undergraduate degree and/or a postgraduate degree abroad sets the student up for the future.
The advanced infrastructure and facilities offered at universities abroad enable students to undertake research, which is why many decide to study engineering abroad.


Project Management

A degree in the same field enables students to manage, plan, supervise and coordinate projects from start to finish. As the industry is constantly changing, acquiring this degree will provide immaculate opportunities for the future.
Moreover, with the increasingly globalized nature of today's economy, pursuing an education abroad is a fruitful decision to make.

Best Destination for Study Abroad

  1. Study in Italy

  2. Study in New-Zealand

  3. Study in Australia  

  4. Study in USA

  5. Study in UK

  6. Study in Canada

  7. Study in Germany

These are revered destinations for this course.
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