Requirements to Study in UK

Requirements to Study in UK for Indian Students


25 September 2023



The UK is deemed the best student city in the world, with magnificent views and world-renowned universities. If you are also looking to study in the country and have little to no knowledge about the requirements to study in UK for Indian students, keep reading. This blog aims to provide you with information on all the requirements to study in UK. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


What are the Requirements for Study in UK for Indian Students?

Requirements to study in UK for Indian students might differ at various levels depending on their desired field of study and university. However, there are many standard requirements, though, that students can take into account.


The primary requirement is the English language proficiency scores that every university sets differently for every programme. Students must fulfil this set requirement to be considered for admission. Further, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE Academic are some of the commonly accepted tests.


Other requirements include academic and professional qualifications, documents for various clarifications, stable funding, etc., to gain admission. Let’s take a look at it in detail below.


UK Universities Requirements for International Students for UG and PG Courses

The requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses might vary depending on what the university is looking for in a candidate. Some want you to have a strong command of English with good academics, whereas some want you to have a strong professional base and the ability to showcase your skills.


Let's look at the UK universities requirements for international students for UG and PG Courses.


For UG:


  • Letters of recommendation

  • Statement of purpose

  • Offer letter

  • Passport and other IDs for proof 

  • Certificate for completing schooling

  • Transcripts from previous institutions 

  • English language proficiency scores

  • Proof of funds 

  • Resume/CV

  • Portfolio if applying for creative courses


For PG:


  • UG degree and transcripts in a relevant field from an accredited institution

  • Good academic standing 

  • Professional experience in the area (might be mandatory for some courses)

  • All academic transcripts from previous institutions

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Statement of purpose 

  • English language proficiency test scores 

  • Resume/CV

  • Proof of funds 

  • A valid passport 

  • Portfolio (if applying for creative courses)


Tests Required to Study in UK

Some standard tests required for various programmes offered by UK universities are listed below.

Name of the exam 



Law courses


Business courses


Graduate programs and graduate business programs

UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)

Healthcare and medicinal courses

Biomedical Admissions Test

Biotechnology, medicine and biomedical courses

Mathematics Admission Test (MAT)

Mathematics courses

Cambridge Law Test


Additional Entry Requirements

Apart from all the requirements to study in UK mentioned above, two additional requirements are necessary for you to fulfil to move to the UK for study: the offer letter and the CAS letter. These are essential documents without which you cannot apply for a UK study visa and commence your studies. 



Q1. What are the basic academic requirements for Indian students to study in UK?

Ans. To study in UK, Indian students typically need to have completed their secondary education (equivalent to the UK's General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE) and obtained acceptable qualifications.


Specific academic requirements to study in UK for international students vary depending on the course and university, but a good starting point is having strong grades in your high school examinations.


Q2. Is English proficiency a requirement, and if so, what are the accepted English language tests?

Ans. Yes, English proficiency is one of the crucial requirements to study in UK for international students. Indian students are usually required to prove their English language proficiency by taking tests like IELTS or TOEFL.


Many UK universities have specific minimum score requirements for these tests, so you must check on the university's official website to ensure you meet their language proficiency criteria.


Q3. Do I need to take additional standardised tests like the SAT or GRE to study in UK?

Ans. Unlike other countries, the UK generally doesn't require Indian students to take the SAT or GRE for undergraduate or most postgraduate programs. However, some courses, especially at the postgraduate level, may have additional entry requirements or recommend these tests.


Q4. What financial requirements do Indian students need to meet to study in UK?

Ans. Indian students must demonstrate their ability to cover the costs of tuition fees and living expenses in UK. This can be proven by providing bank statements, scholarship documents, or financial sponsor details, depending on your funding source.


Q5. Are there any specific visa requirements for Indian students planning to study in UK?

Ans. Yes, Indian students typically need to apply for a Student Visa (formerly known as a Tier 4 Visa) to study in the UK. To obtain a Student Visa, you must have an unconditional offer from a recognised UK institution, sufficient funds to cover your studies and living expenses and meet other criteria such as English language proficiency. It's advisable to apply for your visa well in advance and provide all necessary documents to support your application. 



To conclude, the UK is a fabulous country for further studies. It offers students the academic experience and living standard they wish for when studying abroad. The requirements to study in UK for Indian students include various things like good academics, proper documents and a good command of the English language. Overall, it is pivotal to check the requirements associated with the course you are applying for and ensure you fulfil all of them.


We know you’ll do well and wish you luck.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the requirements to study in UK for Indian students, but if you would like to get a deeper understanding or have any questions about how to study in UK, we encourage you to speak with our team of expert UK counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).


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