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In recent years, a large number of international students have flocked to Canada in search of better education, job opportunities, and a wonderful way of life. Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, Alberta, among other Canadian metropolitan communities have filled in significance as top understudy urban areas all over the planet.


Canada's westernmost area, British Columbia, is the third-biggest region popular for its shocking normal magnificence. Between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it is located. Loaded up with nature and radiant with rich scenes, regular lakes, different experiences, and stunning city life. Nature and cosmopolitan city life coexist in this location. BC holds numerous tranquil locales, wearing and protection regions alongside the six normal Life parks which can be visited by worldwide understudies.


British Columbia houses the top colleges and schools of Canada and the world. The University of British Columbia is a heavenly scholarly organization that positions 51st as per the 2020 QS World Rankings. UBC is a top decision among global understudies because of the college's amazing instructive offices, various understudy administrations, shocking grounds areas, and bountiful arrangement openings. A few other esteemed colleges in BC are:

  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Victoria
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • University of Fraser Valley
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University of Northern British Columbia 


Further, for the institutions mentioned overhead, the Majority of the British Columbia universities are accredited for the international Probationers. Alongside bountiful training roads, understudies get a lot of choices for low-maintenance occupations, which are critical when concentrating abroad. BC is ranked first in Canada's Educational Quality Assurance (EQA) list, and the provincial government is looking at every option to keep the quality of post-secondary education high.


British Columbia is home to a diverse diversity of culture and educational communities, and also dynamic metropolitan areas that rank among the greatest understudy cities on the planet. Considering Vancouver is the world's most populous and clamorous metropolis, many people mistake it for the capital of the country.  The city is a hub for businesses and projects. Hence, understudies have various business and temporary position openings for school graduates. Numerous reviews and rankings have named Vancouver the most liveable understudy city on the planet.


Aside from rising academic institutions, Vancouver provides unique weather conditions in comparison to the rest of the nation, making it a tourist attraction. Vancouver is indeed home to North America’s largest port, providing supports for approximately 115,000 people finding work and creating additional opportunities for understudies. This is one of the principal justifications for why understudies decide to study and settle down in Vancouver. Victoria, like Vancouver, is a dynamic, lovely town in North America's capital. It is a port city with enough to see and do for understudies. The locale of BC is intending to extend its foundation in and around these ports to expand employability in different fields like designing and marine innovation, port and vessel tasks, operations, and the executives.


What settles on Vancouver a favored decision among understudies is the city life and multiculturalism, notwithstanding uncommon schools and perpetual work possibilities. The city clamors with understudies from the whole way across the world, and Vancouver has open positions from innovation and IT to craftsmanship, interchanges, and design. The Vancouver International Film Festival is composed in the city for quite a while in September. This festival is one of the greatest in North America, and it's a tremendous educational experience for the students exploring cinematography, computerized emotions, UI UX, movement, and other relevant disciplines. The city hosts a variety of events on a continuous basis, luring educators from all across the globe.


The Medical Services Plan would be another reason why British Columbia seems to be a great suggestion amongst understudies. MSP offers a wide range of privileges to global understudies learning in British Columbia. It offers crisis benefits and envelops research facility tests like x-beams, MRI, and CT filters. To top everything, MSP additionally gives valuable advantages like chiropractic and needle therapy treatment and back rub treatment.


British Columbia is a blend of societies and is home to individuals from everywhere in the world. Home to understudies from across the globe makes it more straightforward for understudies to change in BC and its colleges because of its universally controlled group. These raw numbers demonstrate that British Columbia is a top objective for worldwide understudies. To look for admission to top Canadian foundations in British Columbia, Get in contact with our master advisors who will assist you with changing your fantasy into a reality.

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